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1. 10. 2009 | Agris

EU changed rules for slaughters

The Council of European Union approved a regulation which adjusts rules for treatment with animals in slaughters. Among others, the regulation enables continuation of traditional Czech home hog-killings. It will be possible also from now on to kill pigs at home, however, the new rules should prevent them from torture. The European Union suggested changes of norms concerning killing of domestic animals already last year in autumn. The rules in force were obsolete in many cases, moreover, they very differed among particular states of the EU.

Milk fine for the Czech Republic

The European Commission wants to return 214,6 million Euro which member states, including the Czech Republic, expounded without authorization to support agriculture. The money will be returned in a budget because adequate checking procedures were not used or Union rules about agricultural expenditures were not kept. The Czech Republic will be asked for 190 thousand Euro for incorrect time for sampling and unsuitable storage of dry milk for casein.

CSO: Last year´s profit of agriculture reached 9,8 bil., the year before the last it was 10 bil.

Czech farmers earned 9,82 billion crowns last year which is almost by 190 million less than in 2007. It results from today´s data of the Czech Statistic Office (CSO). The year before last, according to more specified results, the entrepreneurial income in agriculture reached 10,01 billion CZK. Till this time statisticians presented that farmers earned 13,7 billion CZK last year. In spite of decrease by more than three billion crowns the results from the year before last stays record. ČTK investigates other details.

Apple harvest will probably decrease by 12 percents to 137 500 tons

Apple harvest in orchards of professional growers according to September estimation should be year-on-year lower by about 12 percents and be about 137 546 tons. A lower crop is expected mainly in east Bohemia and in south Moravia. Martin Ludvík, a chairman of Fruit-Growing Union of the CR said it to ČTK today. “The trees were afflicted by hail storms this year; in some areas also drought negatively showed itself”, Ludvík told. The decrease is caused also by the fact that after last year´s good harvest a part of trees did not yield fruit fully and rested. Of particular varieties, the decrease is expected especially in Idared, Jonagold and Šampion. Vice versa, there should be more apples of the variety Golden Delicious.

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