Summary of newspaper of the previous day – 5. 10. 2009

Ministry of Agriculture sat incorrectly rate of SAPS

The Union of Marginal Areas re-counted the rate of SAPS and in its opinion it should amount to 3747,57 CZK/ha. It is more than the sum 3710 CZK/ha which the Ministry of Agriculture presented in its today´s press release. In view of the Union, the Ministry has to proceed according to appropriate regulations of the Commission (EC) and to re-count the allotted Euros by the exchange rate to the 1st of October of a given year. It is according to the Official Reports of the European Union 25,42 CZK/Euro. However, the Ministry obviously used an old exchange rate from the 30th of September which was only 25,16 CZK/Euro. Than the rate 147,4262 Euro/ha was multiplied by this lower exchange rate.

Farmers look for how to earn living

Farmers count on dismission from employment, firms froze investments and save where it is possible. Farmers not only in Vysočina start to feel personally a lack of money and are afraid of the worst. The crisis hit large agricultural firms, farmers with several employees as well as small-holders managing with families on a piece of land. A farmer Jaroslav Kreuz from a farm Suchá will probably dismiss employees this year. “I am not able to earn living for workers. I do not have money for wages. Cost exceed buy-out prices, so, we come off a looser on all”, Jaroslav Kreutz stated. “Won who sewed nothing, farmers lose on everything this year. Prices of commodities in November will show how many people I will dismiss from work”.

Maybe, Milk producers will wait to see other supports, crisis still last

Milk producers in the European Union could wait to see other increase in export and other supports at today´s extraordinary meeting of ministers of agriculture in Brussels. According to first news the negotiations should be accompanied by demonstrations of discontent farmers. According to policemen, several thousands of farmers from the EU countries should come together in Brussels. The building of Council of EU, where the ministers meet, is guarded by hundreds of policemen from morning hours. “A crisis in milk sector lasts already one year, we call for a more significant solution of the crisis. We are one of states who supported this meeting”.

Lynching at Ministry of Agriculture

If something belongs among typical shows of Czech smallness and key impulses for growth of political and economic corruption, than it is multiple exchange of significant state government officers every time when a change of political garniture happens. The CR among advanced states (if it is at all an advance country on base of such a comparison) is evidently a world record holder at recalling whole groups of middle and higher officers immediately after for example a competent minister changed in an appropriate department. Also, thanks to it the quality of state administration is such as it is.


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