Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 30. 10. – 1. 11. 2009

Why Czech farmers require higher evening-up of direct payments for 2010

The Common Agricultural Policy of the European Union is not in its principles “common” but it is significantly protectionistic in favour to old member states of EU-15. A convincing evidence of this fact are differences among direct payments paid from the European Agricultural Guarantee Fund, among farmers of EU-15 countries and Czech farmers. For example in Germany, direct payments will get level 345 EUR/ha of agricultural land in 2010. In the CR they will be only 178 EUR/ha of managed agricultural land according to LPIS. However, a regulation of the Agreement on Accession refers to the CR according to which it is possible in 2010 to even up direct payments from national resources up to 30 % of the total level of direct payments set for 2013, it means by 77 EUR/ha of agricultural land.

Price of apples is low, collection centers close

A low price of fruit closes most of collection centers in the region Přerov and Hranice and some Czech producers of extracts are afraid of bankruptcy. There is not interest in juices and musts from their premises. Partly their consumption decreases and moreover Czech market is oversaturated with cheap, though less quality extracts from abroad. The apple buy-out price moves about fifty hallers per kilogram now in the regions at present. Last year it was double. Owing to this almost all fruit collection centers closed at the beginning of September in the region Přerov and Hranice. Operators are not able to pay their service and to pick up fruit and to carry them somewhere is not profitable at all for people.

AFP: Country of pasta – Italy has also excellent rice

Rice fields spread out in the north of Italy along the river Pad lowland. It is dealt with a little-known fact: the country of pasta is also the biggest rice producer in Europe and it is thanks to renaissance artist Leonardo da Vinci, the agency AFP wrote. Carlo Marchesani and its nephew have 110 hectares of rice fields in Vigevan near Milano. A harvest is completely mechanized. It is by far not like in a film Bitter rice (Riso amaro) by Giuseppa de Santis where Silvana Manganova embodies “mondaine”; seasonal workers harvest rice hard manually. In his 60 years, Carlo is so excited with rice growing which reputedly does not allow him to grow old but which brings him first of all a better profit than all other cultures.


Thereby, I would like to thank all you who participated actively in yesterday´s and today´s milk action. I want to highly appreciate your organizational abilities, your discipline and pregnancy with which you prepared information about the desperate situation for million our fellow-citizen in which a significant amount of Czech farmers found. I can not name here all main organizers but it is outright to mention those that were at the beginning of establishment of an initiative group, which gradually enlarged and organized the whole action – Ing. František Halásek and Ing. Jan Maloch.


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