Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 22. 12. 2009

Government approved budget of Land Fund of CR

Government approved a draft budget of the Land Fund of the CR for 2010 yesterday. It counts with a surplus in height of 218,6 million crowns. Total incomes of the Fund should reach 1,963 billion crowns next year, expenditures 1,744 billion crowns. Together with surpluses after this year, the Fund budget should have a total remainder 3,718 billion crowns at the end of year 2010. Among others, the Land Fund administers agricultural real estates and gives over compensatory lands to restituents.

European equation of farmers

Farmers´ incomes in the European Union per one employee decreased by 12,2 percent this year especially owing to food price decrease. It results from preliminary data of the statistic office Eurostat. Incomes in the Czech Republic decreased by 24,1 percents, so in the fourth fastest pace in frame of EU members. The biggest fall was recorded by farmers in Hungary where incomes per employee decreased by 35,6 percents. Italy and Luxembourg followed with more than quarter decrease.

Seven milk vendors are in operation in Vysočina, other will arrive

Seven milk vendors have been put in operation since beginning of October in Vysočina. People can tap fresh milk from regional farms in shops foe example in Pelhřimov and Humpolec. Other machines will arrive. The Regional Veterinary Administration negotiates about registration of this new way of milk sale with other two enterprises. A director of the Veterinary Administration Jiří Šulc said it to ČTK today. Meanwhile, farmers have various experiences with the vendors – according to findings of ČTK somewhere sale increases, elsewhere the interest is weaker. Also negotiations about placement of the machines in shops are difficult.

Madeta offered coop Jih over seven CZK for liter in December

The biggest Czech dairy-works Madeta offered over seven CZK for liter of milk to a cooperative Jih at today´s negotiation in December. Barbora Daňková, a spokeswoman of Madeta, said it to ČTK and Milan Teplý, a director, confirmed it. Meanwhile, Madeta pays 6,22 CZK according to Jih, the coop loose by as many as 2,50 CZK in a liter. A vice-chairman of Jih, Zdeněk Houška, told after the negotiation that they have not come to any agreement with Madeta on prices and negotiations would continue in January. The cooperative repudiated an agreement, being in force till March 2010, at the beginning of December just owing to low buy-out prices. According to Houška, they are below the average.


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