Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 20.8. – 22.8.2010

Ministry of Agrciulture announces startup of websites

The month September will be thanks to the Ministryof Agriculture again in the sign of bio-foods and organic farming. Together with farmers and bio-foods producers we celebrate harvest coming and let´shope also a good crop. A part of the project „September - month of bio-foods and organic farming 2010“ is also web pages which are started just in these days.

CR without low pathogenic aviar influenza

In trading with third countries, our producers meet a requirement of a reffered-to target country to declare that we are devoid of certain animal infections. It is known that our country is free of highly pathogenic aviar influenza; tha last extraordinary measures finished in 2007. It has been already published in the Bulletin OIE ( the World Organization for Animal Health)

Lesy CR fights with black dump

Lesy České republiky manages more than 1 300 000 hectares offorest and deals with waste problems in a dual way. Although the state enterprise liquidates properly waste which arise in the own operation, they have to secure also a liquidation of waste which are carried out in forests by many irresponsible citizens. Lesy ČR expounds a sum of several million crowns for liquidation of black dumps annually.

Apples and chickens cheapened in shops, paprikas were cheaper

Price of apples has significantly raised in shops during the last 14 days. Consumers have paid for them at average by 13 percents more than at the August beginning. They have paid by five percents more also for chickens, vice versa they could buy significantly for cheaper for example paprikas or potatoes. It results from data published today by the Czech Statistic Office.


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