Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 23. 8. 2010

Six foods has got regional prize

Six regional foods newly boast about a prestigious mark Regional mark of Vysočina region 2010 since the weekend. They impressed jurymen who judged fifty six products and chose a winner of particular categories from meat products to beverages in August. According experts we will start enjoying for example an appreciated salami Vysočina 1967 from the meat plant Krahulčí, or Archivní sýr (cheese) from the dairy works in Jaroměřice.

Half a billion eggs were withdrawn owing to salmonelosis in USA

Two poultry farms in American state Iowa withdrew more than half a billion eggs from the market owing to salmonelosis infection. Both of them take laying hens and fed from the same resource. Already 1300 cases of salmonelosis diseases have been recorded in the USA. Their resource is probably just the eggs from these two farms. A lawyer William Marler from Seattle, who represents several persons infected with salmonelosis, told that hardly understandable breach of law had led to a withdrawal of 550 million eggs from the market and the illness of 1300 people.

SZPI revealed cheats in showing origin of grapes

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) has carried out a far-reaching check in last weeks focused on management of viticultural accounting. SZPI inspectors concentrated mainly on ability to supervise the origin of purchased grapes processed to quality varietal wines which are declared as inland. The check which took place both in growers and grape dealers and the wine producers themselves brought surprising results.

Potash still refuses takeover bid of BHP ; it has other interesting persons

The biggest word fertilizer producer, a Canadian company Potash Corporation of Saskatchewan, called stock holders to refuse an enemy takeover bid. A supranational mining giant BHP Billiton tries to take over the firm for roughly 39 billion dollars (about 761 billion CZK), however Potash told that it negotiates also with other companies. Potash stated that it expects better offers than what had been put forward by the concern BHP Billiton.


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