Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 6. 9. 2010

Number of eco-farms increased by 100 last year, there are about 250 of them now

At the end of last year, about 220 eco-farms with roughly 13 700 hectares of land were in traditionally agricultural Vysočina. Their number has increased by 100 during last year, i.e. it is almost doubled. In a republic comparison, the region showed an above-average increment of these farms. Farmers transfer into the regardful farming also this year. According to estimation of the Ministry of Agriculture, there are about 250 eco-farms working in the region; about 3 500 were registered in the entire Czech Republic in August this year.

Customers prefer domestic foods

Chain stores slightly increased share of Czech products in its offer or at least they start to speak about Czech origin of their goods because of marketing reasons. People prefer domestic products to imported foods. According to a public inquiry made by ČTK, they most probably react to the fact that a part of customers besides a food price starts to interest also in their origin.

Maybe, disallowed potatoes are grown in the Czech Republic

Swedes grew disallowed genetically modified potatoes; they grow maybe also in the CR. Maybe, genetically modified potatoes are grown in the Czech Republic without an appropriate licence for the given variety from European Union authorities. One company coming under German concern BASF reputedly mixed seeds of an allowed variety Amflora with for the present disallowed type Amadea. It vas revealed in Sweden, however, Amflora is grown also in the CR.

Situation with ASP sharpens in Russia

African swine fever represents a big danger for Russian pig breeders. An effort to get under control African swine fever in the south of Russia still fails. Thanks to a dense transit transportation and a drivers´ habit to barbecue pork in pull offs, there is a danger of spread of this disease because rest of foods often become a feed of wild boars. The virus can be quickly transferred in a big distance in this way.


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