Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 10. – 12. 9. 2010

Agricultural department on reducing diet: it will have thinned down by hundreds of officers by next year

A state of head office in Těšnov and regional work places of the Ministry of Agriculture will decreased by 140 employees against the last year. Generally, approximately ten percents of employees will quit subordinate organizations. By means of a thorough inspection of possible duplicities in department agendas, removing of redundant bureaucracy, and restructuring of departmental organizations the Minister Ivan Fuksa fulfills vigorously an economical government meeting.

Minister Fuksa rids department of redundant bureaucracy; savings go in millions

The Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa introduced fundamental steps to reduce a bureaucratic burden of farmers. Public notices falling in the minister´s competence will be changed quickly. Proposals of wide acts amendment will follow. Then, a substantial change will be brought by merging of organizations dealing with a check in the department of the Ministry of Agriculture. The Anti-bureaucratic Commission (ABK), a consultative body of the minister, warned the minister about several the most flagrant cases in recent days when farmers are exposed to extreme pressure from the side of state officers.

Kocourek: Law on significant market force should be cancelled

A law on significant market force, which regulates relations between businessmen and suppliers since this year´s February, according to the Minister of Industry and Trade Martin Kocourek, should be cancelled. Kocourek said it to journalists after today´s meeting with the president Václav Klaus. The law on significant market force was elaborated by a group of representatives of ČSSD last year and was supported by the Food Chamber. Businessmen criticize the law and state that it is sloppy and damages their relations with suppliers.

Czech eat small amount of honey. Campaign for 25 millions should change it

Each Czech consumes at average less than 0.7 kilogram of honey per year. It is a small amount, bee-keepers think. For example Germans consume a treble. A new campaign of Czech Bee-keepers Union for 25 million crowns should even up this imbalance. The domestic honey consumption was roughly 7 thousand tones last year, so less than 0.7 kilograms per person. It is approximately one-third in comparison with Germany and one-quarter in comparison with Greece. The campaign will last three years and is the second in sequence. It will focus mainly on children, youth and young people at age from 20 to 25 years, people professing a healthy life style, and the expert public.


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