Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 14. 9. 2010

ACH. Chickens from export have three times more often occurrence of salmonella

Chicken meat from poultry contains as many as three times more often than in chickens from the CR dangerous salmonella bacteria. It arises from a test made by the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague whose results were presented by the Agrarian Chamber at a press conference today. While in samples from export tests proved an occurrence of pathogene in 46 percents of cases, in samples marked with the origin The CR its occurrence reached 14 percents.

Developing countries suffer from hunger the least over 15 years

Still less and less people suffer from lack of food – this year for the first time over 15 years the number of starving decreased. There are 925 million all over the world, nevertheless the number of suffering from hunger decreased from the last year´s fourty-year maximum 1.02 billion. According to a report of the Food and Agriculture Organization of the UNO, it happened also thanks to improvement of global economy and low prices of foods. Most undernourished lives in developing countries where they create 16 percent of population.

Česká drůbež will not for the present build second egg hall in Domažlice region

A municipality Velký Mahalov stopped for one year a preliminary agreement with a building of second hall for next 200 000 laying hens for egg production. A firm Česká drůbež, behind which German capital stands, wants to build it at a periphery of the municipality for 100 million crowns. Representatives, who preliminarily agreed with the project in February, want finally to decide by August 2011. They stated reasons for it that the investor does not meet duties and promises. ČTK was told it by a mayor Václav Brichzin.

Experienced experts will sit in supervisory board of Lesy ČR

Alternate of part of supervisory board has an aim to make transparent economy of the state enterprise Lesy České republiky. Predominantly economic and legal profile of new supervisory board will secure, according to the Ministry of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa, a transparent and economically beneficial functioning of the state enterprise. “I want experts in the supervisory board of Lesy České republiky who will keep clearly the Ministry line and will make a consistent opponency to Lesy management. Briefly, as people say, they will peep under fingers.”


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