Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 17.9. – 19.9 .2010

Makro and ZŘUD Masokombinát will open new meat processing plant in Polička

A new operation for processing and distribution, which has required an investment 60 million crowns, will be opened by a wholesale company Makro Cash&Carry and meat-combine ZŘUD in Polička in October. The building of so called platform for processing and distribution of meat was started in Polička this year in February. A spokeswoman of the company Makro, Romana Nýdrle said to ČTK that thanks to the new project the meat processing and distribution will be accelerated and its supply enlarged. The investment should have also a positive influence on the meat sale economics.

11th round of reception of applications from Rural Development Programme will start in October

Investments in forests, Cooperation in development of new products, procedures and technologies, respectively of innovations in food industry, Use of counseling services, and Realization of local development strategy – for these measure the 11th round of reception of application of the Rural Development Programme is focused. The applicants can submit their projects in the term from the 14th to the 27th of October, according to adjusted rules which for example govern preferential criteria and decrease administrative claims.

To hunt birds for last time with lead

In connection with a new season of ducking, which started on the 1st of September, it is necessary to remind that the year 2010 is the last year when it is possible to use lead cold shots for hunting of water-birds. Huntsmen are informed sufficiently about the mentioned limitation and will it respect. A quotation of the law No. 449/2001 Col.: In Chapter V Forbidden way of hunting § 45 article (1): Game hunting can be realized only in a way corresponding with hunting principles, principles of conservation of nature, and principles of protection of animals against torture. It is forbidden: w) to use lead cold shots to hunt water-birds.

Vine-growers help themselves by grapes from Hungary

If a men reach in a shop a bottle of wine of some of inland viticultural marks next year, more likely than in last years he/she will find a sign “country of origin: Hungary” Czech vine-growers are going to substitute a drop-out of this year´s crop at Hungarian colleagues. Grapes from Hungary wandered in the Czech Republic also in foregoing years. However, according to vine-growers, import will significantly increase this year, even in spite of that also in Hungary the harvest will be lower and there is a big demand for grapes there.


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