Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 20.9 .2010

Hemp areas in CR could grow again, industry is interested in

Areas under hemp (Cannabis sativa L.) could increase in near futurew in the Czech Republic. While only 170 hectares of field is sown by this crop-plant this year, their acreage could enlarge to several thousands of hectares next years. Representatives of growing organization stated it at today´s press conference. Above all, construction companies are very interested in hemp materials as well as paper and car industries. Hemp is used also for energy purposes or for food and pharmaceuticals production. A large use of the plant for technical purposes is obstructed by a lack of processing capacities in the Czech Republic.

Support of Irish pig and laying hen breeders

Irish Ministry of Agriculture wants to make easier to home pig and poultry breeders their difficult financial situation. Therefore detached for their support a total sum in height of approximately 29 mil. €. A presumption is that this sum will be used as an investment incentive for a reconstruction of breeding premises. The reconstruction of current buildings is necessary in connection with a change of EU legislative – an enactment of duty to keep sows in groups and laying hen breeding in small groups in enriched cage aviaries.

Draw back objectionable butter

According to the Council Regulation (EC) No. 1234/2007, butter has to contain at least 80 % of milk fat, but less than 90 %, a water content should be maximally 16 %, and content of other substances in dry matter must not exceed 2 %. In frame of sampling inspection, inspectors of the Regional Veterinary Administration for Central-Bohemia region found out in butter from Federal Republic Germany in laboratory examination exceeding of both a parameter for other substances in dry matter, in co called non-fats, and the exceeding of water content. Therefore this butter in its composition did not meet requirements for its composition as the appropriate legislative determines.

Senators want to introduce time limit for clearing of land ownership

People, to whom a land office will not recognize their proprietary claim for land, could maybe have newly in the future a half-year time limit to turn to the court. Five senators behalf of ČSSD, ODS and movement Starostové a nezávislí (Mayors and independent) propose it in an amendment of law on land. In their opinion, the time limit implementation should accelerate termination of restitution proceedings. “At present, unfinished restitution proceedings complicate above all realization of reparcelling whose result is an exchange of transmission of ownership rights” the senators headed by a chairman of agricultural committee of the Upper Chamber Jan Hajda (ČSSD) present.


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