Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 29. 9.2010

In food industry, distillers took the most, fishing sector the least

The best paid branch in the food industry was distillation and mixture of spirits with an average wage 35 184 crowns in the first half-year. On the contrary, employees in plants processing fish, crustaceans and mollusks, where the average was 10 413crowns, took the least. A server Týden presented it with a reference to a journal Potravinář. In comparison with the first half-year of the last year, the highest percentual increase was recorded in the branch of production of industrial feeds for farm animals, production of mill products, and production of spices and flavouring extracts. Vice versa, employees in processing and conservation of fish and oil production were the most the worse for it.

EU disagreed on GMO approval, it is in threat of WTO sanction

Ministers of agriculture of the European Union disagreed on approval of genetically modified crop-plants (GMO) in Brussels today. Journalists were informed on it by Belgian presidency of the EU. The European Commission suggests so that particular countries would decide on a possible GMO growing on their own. However, many of them want an approval of the entire EU. Owing to European blockade of GMO the EU is under threat of the World Trade Organization. The current system of GMO approval, which works already for 12 years, does not suit to a situation when still more and more genetically modified crop-plant appear on the market.

Chief of Beer Association: Beer production will decrease by 12 percents this year

A production of domestic breweries will decrease roughly by 12 percents this year. It is estimation of an executive director of the Czech Beer and Malt Association Jan Veselý. It would mean a double acceleration of decrease compared to the last year when this branch production fell in six percents. According to Veselý, the development of demand for beer is unfavourably influenced mainly by its January rise in beer price owing to growth of consumption tax. Brewers are also damaged by an economic crisis in the long term. Industrial breweries in the Czech Republic have produced 7.346 million hectoliters in the first six month this year.

20 biggest world dairy producers

Swiss company Nestlé stays still in head, however, East-Asian firms pushed through in the second ten. According an agency Rabobank International´s, Swiss dairy multinational company Nestlé stays on the first position in turnover of fresh products, however, East-Asian and South-American companies push forward. They have an importance above all in their own regions for the present where an infrastructure develops and where consumption increases very significantly from till this time very low level. The dynamic growth was stopped nor by a melamin affair in China,


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