Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 13.10.2010

Huntsmen cancel hunts – number of pheasants is low

Thanks to rainy, a very cold May, and floods on some rivers, numbers of game in the nature were affected to such an extent that huntsment in Olomouc region cancel hunts. As mentions, especially it is dealt with pheasant-hunts in free hunting grounds. „We will not organize pheasant-hunts this year. The accrual is negligible. On the contrary, old game prevails. In the direction to Grygov, the situation is even worse”, a chairman of eight-hectare hunting ground Slavonín-Nový Dvůr, Josef Karger, stated.

Application for extending of cage breeding of laying hens

Because of inability to meet in a time limit the EU Commission requirement to terminate cage breeding of laying hens to the 1st of January, 2012, 4 member states ask for its prolongation. Four EU member countries announced that they will not be able to terminate cage breeding of laying hens and switch to more thoroughful breeding systems in time. However, the European Commission insists in the time plan compliance.

We warn processors

The State Veterinary Administration warn hose who manipulate directly with poultry meat, i.e. who portion, package them and so on, to keep the sanitary code and biological safety. On base of requirements of the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR, the State Veterinary Administration of the CR deepened checks of poultry meat in places of destinations, especially in slaughters, portioning room, logistic centers of retail chains and processing rooms.

Hoggeries end en bloc

A hoggery used to be always behind every village in Haná. From it a pig squeak and smell promising a rich harvest spreads to the surrounding. However, it belongs almost to the past in last years. Pig breedings end one by one in the region. “The situation is disastrous. We reduce pig breedings because they simply do not pay off. For example on the farm in Želč we have pigs only for end of feeding. When they are sold, we will close”, Miloslav Vrána, a director of the Agricultural Trade Company in Brodek near Prostějov, stated.


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