Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 21.10.2010

71 products have obtained mark Regional food; interest in them is growing

This year, 71 products in total obtained a mark Regional food. They were gradually selected by regional export commissions from 943 products which entered the first year of the project. According to producers, an interest in some foods, which got the appraisal, grew as many as several times. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) said it to journalists today. The project will continue also in the next year.

Intensive cooperation of the Czech Republic and Slovakia in agricultural area continue, departmental ministers confirmed that at today´s negotiation

A cooperation in obtaining protective marks of Guarantee traditional Speciality and generally a food quality, the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013,and flood damages. Such were the main topics of negotiation of the Minister of Agriculture of the CR Ivan Fuksa with his Slovakian colleague Zsolt Simon. These negotiations will continue at a meeting of ministers of agriculture of Visegrád Four in Bratislava on the 8th – 9th of November.

CR attitude to new EU agricultural policy is “collections of formulas” according to unions

Agricultural trade unions criticize the Czech Republic attitude to the future form of EU Common Agricultural Policy (CAP). The Minister of Agriculture acquainted journalists with it at yesterday´s (October 19) tripartity negotiation). The Ministry of Agriculture, which still works on the documents”deny reactions of the unions. “The criticism is not based on knowledge of negotiation”. That is written in its statement. “The Czech Republic position to the new agricultural EU policy after 2013 is a collection of formulas written perhaps by some clerk in Brussels”, Bohumír Dufek, a chairman of the Trade Union of Employees of Agricultural and Nutrition, stated.

Farmers decrease number of farm animals

Numbers of pigs, cows and poultry are decreased in the region Zlín. An exception is the region Vsetín. Wallachians do not want to relinguish domestic milk and eggs. Pigs, cows, poultry. To raise farm animals is not profitable for farmers in the region Zlín, therefore they gradually do away with them. The decrease amounts to as many as forty percents in particular kinds of animals over the last ten years. Breeders complaint about a bad policy of the Ministry of Agriculture which according to them support the breeding insufficiently and vice versa it prefers import of temporarily cheap and low-quality food from abroad.


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