The deadline for submission of papers at the world conference is October 31, 2010

On the days 7th - 14th of July, 2010, four international conferences will take place at the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague.

WCCA (World Congress on Computers in Agriculture ) /EFITA (European Federation of Informatics in Agriculture)

ECPA (European Conference on Precision Agriculture)

ECPLF (European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming)

ISAF (Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry)

However, the deadline for submission of papers for these conferences is already on the 31st of October, 2010. International opponent proceedings will follow and papers of the highest quality will be subsequently presented in prestigious collections of papers and journals.

WCCA/EFITA is a world and European conference of informatics in agriculture. The world association INFITA (Information Network of Agriculture Informatics) organizes its WCCA conference annually. The last one took place in Nevada in the USA; in 2010 it will take place in South Africa. EFITA (European Federation of Informatics in Agriculture, Food and Environment) arranges its conference every two years. The last one took place in Wageningen in the Netherlands. Just there a general meeting represented by delegates from particular countries decided on holding of the conference in the CR. The Czech Center for Science and Society (CCSS) and the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague were chosen as arranging organizations. Within the choice of organizing country its role was plaid by the substantial fact that a president of this federation in 2005 - 2007 was RNDr. Karel Charvát, a chairman of the CCSS presidency; now he is a member of consultative body of EFITA. Now, Ing. Pavel Šimek, PhD. from the Czech University of Life Sciences in Prague (CULS in Prague) sits in the presidency. The European Commission shows big interest in the conference, too, and after negotiations with DG INFSO as the main aims of the conference were marked in a document the Digital Agenda for 2020 (respectively How the Digital Agenda will be applied in rural regions) and problems of ICT in developing countries. A preliminary intention has been expressed to publish a material at this conference which suggested a need of further directing (similarly as Valencia declaration was published at a conference in Valencia in 2003

The conference European Conference on Precision Agriculture is organized every two years, in turn with a similar conference in the USA. Thereby also this conference has a world conference character. The action is arranged always together with the European Conference on Precision Livestock Farming. These conferences were also delegated in Prague at the congress in Wageningen in a competition with other European countries. At Prague event, it is expected that the second negotiation of the International Society for Precision Agriculture (ISPA) will take place. Also DG RTD (Directorate General for Research and Technology Development) a Directorate-General for Agriculture and Rural Development are interested in the conference. This action is also arranged by the CULS in Prague and CCSS together with the WirelessInfo. Ing. Gnip from the WirelessInfo works in an informal group of specialist in PF (Precision Farming) already for many years and is a member of ISPA.

The last event is traditionally annually organized action the ISAF (Information Systems in Agriculture and Forestry). Its profile will be changed this year; it will take place only on the second conference day as co called farmer day and its aim will be partly to enable our farmers to participate at the conference and further also excursions of participants in chosen agricultural enterprises will be a part of this conference day. The aim is to enable a contact between the science and the practice. Other actions will be held in English; this action will be interpreted minimally in Czech and German languages.

The expected participation is 800 conferees at least, from the side of scientists, people from the practice as well as from the area of state administration and politician representation. This event has ambitions to be more than only a meeting of scientists.


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