Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 1. 11. 2010

100 days of Minister of Agriculture: savings and conceptual steps

Ivan Fuksa, after an appointment as the Minister of Agriculture demarcated five priorities and together with a premier Petr Nečas recapitulated their fulfillment till this time and plans of a further advancement. These priorities are fair conditions for enterprise in agriculture; an honest state trusteeship; a protection of land against erosion, floods and building up; increase of competitiveness of Czech farmers, and termination of property settlement. The Minister Fuksa got a clear task even from the premier Nečas: “not to strengthen the state role in enterprise. On the contrary, to reduce state interventions where they uselessly trouble farmers or rural inhabitants.

Attitude of PK ČR to situation connected with force of legislation on significant market power

The eight-month force of legislation No. 395/2009 Col., on a significant market power in sale of agricultural and food products and its misuse (further only “ZVTS”) can be valued from two points of view; from a view of suppliers, i-e- producers, and further regarding steps made by ÚOHS. 1. Existence of the law has unambiguously positive influence on behaviour of chains when it is possible to state that this behaviour has visibly improved. Above all, a term of expiration of 30 days is kept, which almost all suppliers entering business relations with chains recorded.

It will be enough Christmas carps and they will not rise in price

An interest in freshwater fish increases throughout the year at us, however, the Czechs still significantly drag behind European average in their consumption. Prague – Prices of Christmas carps will stay probably the same as last year this year. Owing to the unfavourable weather, fish are mostly smaller than year ago, however, a production of majority of addressed fisheries was not affected much. Christmas is a season top for Czech fishermen. However, the interest in freshwater fish among the Czechs increased recently also during the year. An absolute majority of firms did not change fish prices and if dealers do not increase margins on the pre-Christmas market, Christmas carps should not cost more than last year.

Production growth balances inhibition

This text is a reaction to an article in Zemědělec called Milk production in the world is recovering. Similarly, it deals with a situation in commodity milk in the European Union, both the prices in July and the development of milk purchase over the first seven months this year. Just the mil purchase development gives an authentic image of agriculture development in old and new member states. The milk purchase over the mentioned period in the entire EU-27 is slightly higher than in the foregoing year.


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