Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 11.11.2010

Region Karlovy Vary will support projects for preservation of agriculture in area

The region Karlovy Vary will support projects necessary for preservation at least a basic agricultural production in the area. It committed itself to this in an agreement with regional agrarian chamber signed by the region hetman Josef Novotný and a chairman if the Chamber Jaroslav Brom today. The cooperation will concern above all problems connected with restructuring of agriculture in this region, improvement of conditions for enterprise, and a solution of decrease of jobs. The region Karlovy Vary already cooperated with the Agrarian Chamber in the past, last time for example in realization a project Regional food. However, always it was dealt with informal relations. Just now these contacts got an official framework, Brom noticed.

Butter is most expensive over last three years

A price of one kilogram of fresh butter moves on average about 134 crowns, one quarter has already exceeded thirty crown border. According to the Czech Statistic Office (CSO), the butter price has already got on the highest values over almost the three last years when the traditional Czech milk product rose in price steeply on the turn of years 2007 and 2008. Butter has risen in price already roughly for one and half year when its price moved about 90 crowns for one kilo. According to the an executive director of the Bohemian-Moravian Dairy Union Michal Němec, reasons can be found in decreasing milk production, increase of buy-out prices for farmers, and lack of milk fat (cream). Also it is not possible to omit the pre-Christmas time.

Food Chamber wants to mark “fresh” foods

The Food Chamber would like so that a bigger number of foods in shops could be mark as “fresh” For this purpose, in cooperation with the Institute of Chemical Technology Prague it prepares methods of freshness determination which would be projected in a legislative then.

Frightened Europe: After European Court verdict it blocks lists of subsidy recipients

According to the European Court, publication of data about agricultural subsidy recipients is in discrepancy with protection of personal data. As first the lists were blocked by Germany, immediately then also the Czech Republic joined. The EU Court of Justice entered a precedent verdict: Member states of the Union should reduce publishing of information on subsidies which European farmers receive - above all private farmers. The European regulation, which requires the publication of all recipients of agricultural subsidies, is according to the Court of Justice in discrepancy with an instruction on protection of personal data, anchored in the European Agreement on protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms.


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