Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 15. 11. 2010

Successful reparcelling helped to municipality and landscape

Making accessible particular parcels, a new flood-protection and erosion-protection measures - these are some of positive results of ongoing reparcelling. The Ministry of Agriculture of the CR supports them significantly. For the present minister Ivan Fuksa the reparcelling is even one of priorities. A municipality Řisuty in Kladno region solved in frame of reparcelling for example unclear property relations to parcels and could able to build also new roads. The Ministry of Agriculture wants to create conditions for fast finalization of other 600 similar reparcellings all over the Czech Republic in next three years.

Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa entered fischerman´s guild

The minister Ivan Fuksa underwent a fishing christening on Friday the 12th of November at a ceremonial haul of a renewed Řisutský pond. Fishermen succeeded to save the pond, far about 10 kilometers from the town Slaný, by means of a grant from the Ministry of Agriculture. The minister Ivan Fuksa stated that esteemed very much the symbolic membership in the fisherman´s guild and he hoped that Řisutský pond would become an example for other uncared-for water surfaces in the Czech Republic. “Roughly two and half hectare pond did not fulfill any flood-protection function and even it did not served to farmers and the public. After mud removing the pond is able to contain almost twenty four cubic meters of water whereby it became an efficient means for reduction of flood wave or vice versa a water reservoir for period of drought”, Ivan Fuksa stated.

Veleba: Food import increased after accession into EU severalfold

Food imports in the Czech Republic increased after the accession in the European Union as much as severalfold. For example, still more and more milk products or meat is imported. Pig meat import increased from 2003 to the last year six times to almost 180 000 tonnes and still grows. More than a half of roughly 40 kilograms of pig meat, which a CR inhabitant eats annually, will originate from import this year. It was said to journalists by the president of Agrarian Chamber Jan Veleba today. According to Veleba, also more and more butter, cheeses and cottage cheeses is imported in the country. While the year before the CR accession in the EU butter imports reached 5000 tonnes, last year it was more than fourfold amount.

Ministry of Agriculture wants more bio-foods

More than to triple bio-foods consumption during next five years and to cover at least 60 percents of supply by domestic production. Such are the ambitions of Czech Action plan for ecological agriculture development by the 2015. By the end of November it will be delivered to the government by the Ministry of Agriculture (MZe). “A share of ecologically managed area is planned to enlarge from the present 10.4 to fifteen percents of the total acreage of agricultural land. Bio-foods, which create now only 0.75 percents on the food market should take thirty-percent share”, Martin Leibl from MZe introduces the main aims of the next bio-five-year-plan.


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