Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 16. - 17.11.2010

Cereals market continues in balanced price trend

The cereals market continues in balanced price trend. Prices of most crops grow slightly. The biggest price change is a fall in food rye by 261 crowns to 4220 CZK for one tonne. It results from statistics published by the Food Change in Brno today. According to a secretary of the Change, Karel Zezula, there is a fall in rye prices above all because of objectionable quality indicators. “A similar situation is in corn, however, where the price is affected by supply”, Zzula stated. The corn price, against the last exchange séance two years ago, decreased by 179.7 crowns for a tonne. Since the last monitored period, there is a n obvious increase in prices, above all in high-quality malting barley by 125 crowns for one tonne and iol rape by 471 crowns for one tonne. Rape price compared to the last séance, increased in the case that the price is paid by a buyer by 5.16 percents. Rape costs 9 610 crowns for tonne today.

TZ - Templářské sklepy Čejkovice proceeds in grape buyout according to law

A viticultural cooperative, Templářské sklepy Čejkovice is a subject to check of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI). The State Agricultural and Food Inspection issued a report on a check in Templářské sklepy Čejkovice on the 16th of November. A part of the published report was a statement that the viticultural cooperative had purchased grapes of unknown origin. Templářské sklepy considers this information as absolutely untrue. It declares that in all purchased grapes, including those which were a subject to the check, all accompanying documents confirming the grape purchase are in compliance with legislation. In the mentioned case of buyouts from BJ.VITIS s.r.o., there are introduced numbers of vineyards on all purchase cards which is an incommutable and the most reliable data for identification of grape origin.

First pig flu in season has been proved in Vysočina

A first case of disease with pandemic influenza virus H1N1, pig flu, in this season in Vysočina was proved by epidemiologists in eighteen-year student in Jihlava in last days. The young man ended with pneumonia in hospital. The virus represents a danger for seniors but mainly for young people. A prevention is vaccination because flu-protection vaccine contains this pandemic virus. A regional epidemiologist in Vysočin, Alena Dvořáková, said it to ČTK on Tuesday. “This variation of pandemic virus can invoke, mainly in younger patients dangerous complications. In elderly people, it can be supposed that they met it already in the 70´s of the last century”, Brožová stated.

Producers of high-quality chocolate bet on bio-cocoa

From its “chocolate factory” in French Alps, Stephan Bonnat´s family care fore relations with cocoa beans growers all over the world already for more than one century. Now, they finally bring a green revolution in chocolate production. Bio-chocolate has been deprecated by chocolate lovers for a long time because an alleged weaker character and taste. However, thanks to craft chocolate producers like Bonnat become now a part of a segment of luxury goods not only due to its “ethic” value. Stephan Bonnat decided for bio-chocolate production 17 years ago when he takes over the family firm management with a seat in an alpine town Voiron.


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