Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 19.11. – 21.11.2010

Autumn, it is humidity and cold, and mould risk increases

An experienced breeder of farms animals as well as pets knows that climatic changes are perceived in other way by an animal and by a person. However, in an effort to do animals good, people can cause problems to animals, especially in damp and cold autumn. Well, it is necessary to safe animals against cold, nevertheless, they must not forget about ventilation. Humid heat does good to moulds, mainly in this season. Just too careful heat cladding and insufficient ventilation in stables can benefit to mould and fungi diseases of skin and mucous membranes of bread animals. Mould diseases show themselves at first around eyes, muzzle, ears, skinfolds at rectum and around genital organs.

Trader do not believe that Czech buy “fair” bananas. So, there are not any

It is not problems to buy a chocolate with the mark Fair Trade. However, customers do have this alternative in many products. The Czech change purchase habits. In filling their shopping baskets they have no longer considered only prices. They still more often thing about conditions in which the good they chose was produced. 56 percents of people are interested in keeping ecologically friendly procedures; 37 percent then a respect of human and work rights. It results from an inquiry published by a Fair Trade Association on Thursday. According to a study which mapped attitudes of more than thousand of respondents, the Czechs are still more and more willing to pay extra for certified goods. However, chain stores do not accept this for the present.

According to AP, EU back out of plan to reduce significantly tuna fishing

France, Spain and other states around the Mediterranean Sea made obviously the European Union back out of an ambitious goal to safe the endangered and much accounted Bluefin Tuna. After lengthy negotiations the EU back out of a plan to reduce fishing quotas only to scientific purposes and according to the AP agency announced today that it will take into consideration also fishermen interests. The World Wide Fund (WWF) states that the Atlantic Bluefin Tuna is on the verge of extinction. Between 1997 and2007 its population in the East Atlantic Ocean and the Mediterranean Sea reduced by significant 60 percents. The present quota for its fishing in the Mediterranean area is 13 500 tonnes per year.

CSO: Price of flour has risen in two last weeks, oranges have cheapened

In recent two week in domestic shops, a price of smooth wheat flour increased the most. People paid more also for potatoes and caster sugar. Vice versa, they could buy cheaper oranges, paprikas and full-dressed chickens. It results from data published by the Czech Statistic Office today. Traders sold the wheat smooth flour for 10.42 crowns per kilogram on average to the 15th of November, 14 days before it was by 68 hellers less. Potato prices have risen, too, by 64 hellers to 14.17 CZK/kg. Caster sugar increased in price by 53 hellers to average 17.80 CZK/kg.


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