Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 22. 11. 2010

SZPI confirmed that it broke law within inspection in Templářské sklepy

On Friday, the 19th of November, employees of the Czech Agricultural Food Inspection Brno (SZPI) at a personal visit in Teplářské sklepy Čejkovice left decisions by which they cancelled their own prior ban of setting wines from Templářské sklepy Čejkovice afloat as well as a duty to withdraw wines from the market. After providing information about the check in Templářské sklepy Čejkovice by SZPI inspectors to media on Tuesday, the 16th of November, Templářské sklepy designated the imposed ban and the entire procedure of SZPI during the inspection as illegal and the provided pieces of information as untrue. SZPI confirms now by its step the statement of Templářské sklepy itself. The situation is so much worse that SZPI has a duty to keep secrecy till the end of check (§ 12, paragr. 1, letter f/, of the law No. 552/1991 Col., on state control).

CSO: Prices of inputs in agriculture decrease, buyout prices increase

Prices of inputs into agriculture decreased by 0.7 percents in the third quarter year-on-yearly. Herbicides prices fell the most significantly, by a quarter, vice versa energy and lubricants rose in price almost by a tenth. It results from data of the Czech Statistic Office (CSO). On the contrary, buy-out prices of agricultural products increased roughly by eight percents in comparison with the last year in the period from July to September. Compared to the last year, prices of pesticides increased by 17.4 percents, fertilizers rose in price by 8.6 percents, on the contrary animals for breeding and production fell in price. Owing to a weaker harvest, prices grew mainly in plant production. A cereal price increased by 12 percents. Also potato crop was lower this year; farmers sold them for a price almost by third higher than year ago.

Poland wants more vigorous reform of CAP

Polish Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki declared for a complex reform of the Common Agricultural Policy after 2013. Polish Minister of Agriculture Marek Sawicki criticized German-French document on the future of CAO after 2013. He designated planned changes as “cosmetic” and declared for a complex reform of the present rules. Therefore he called upon all to use three years, which remain till the start of new budgetary period, together to elaborate fundamental changes of the CAP. There are many agricultural policies in the EU which has common only a name, Sawicki declared.

Milk product with melamin in China

Food producers increase their profits. Authorities in the central part of China proved again a chemical substance melamin in milk products. Aromatized milk beverages were in sale in various shops in the town Siang-fan in the province Chu-pej. A scandal series about milk contaminated with melamin do not end. In 2008, six children died of consummation of milk contaminated with melamin and other more than 300 000 children took a disease. The industrial chemicals are used commonly in plastics and fertilizers production. Chinese food producers added melamin in dry milk to increase profit and deceive inspectors examining a protein content. 21 persons were brought to justice last year and two of them were condemned to death.


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