Summary of newspapers of the previous day –23.11.2010

Farmers require at least half of 4.8 bil. to even up subsidies

The Agrarian Chamber demands at least a half of total 4.8 billion crowns to even up direct payments next year. After the end of today´s meeting of farmers and food producers in Prague Lucerna, a president of the Agrarian Chamber Jan Veleba said it to journalists. However, the premier Petr Nečas said to journalists that the state budget does not count on any money for evening up of direct payments. The Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa and the premier in their speeches repeated for several times that the current form of the state budget does not count on any money to even up direct payments, in agricultural public known as top-up, next year. The minister admitted that other negotiations at this year´s end and during the next year could lead to release of at least a part of means. The payment of agrarian subsidies starts in December of a given year.

TZ - Lesy ČR: prevention of Christmas tree thefts

With pre-Christmas time coming, a risk of trees theft in our forests increases. Just that´s why foresters of Lesy ČR will make various preventive measures till Christmas to protect endangered stands. At the pre-Christmas time, foresters more often move in the places which could be the most attractive for a thief; in case of need they co-operate with the police. This supervision takes place at irregular day and night time, in working days and weekends. In frame of the prevention, LČR sometimes approaches in case of young forest plantations to a spray with a chemical solution which is not seen on trees and in cold mostly is nor smelt. However, this substance in room temperature smells bad. Sometimes foresters remove some lateral branches or spray branches and stemlets by a paint. A significance of both these measure is to decrease aesthetic eye appeal of a tree.

Increment of cereal growing areas in EU in business year 2010/2011

French analytic company Stratégie Grains counts in EU-27 with an increase of cereal areas for harvest 2011 by 2 % to 57.1 mil. ha (2010: 56,0 mil. ha). Growing wheat areas (without durum wheat) are planned to 23.4 mil. ha (2010: 23,0 mil. ha), which would mean an increase of areas by 1.7 %. Hereat, growing of wheat would have to increase in all main production countries. Growing barley areas should grow by 3 % to 12.6 mil. ha (2010: 12,2 mil. ha) thanks to enlargement of areas in Spain and Finland, while a fall in growing is expected in Germany, France, Ireland, Italy, Australia and Bulgaria.

Firm from Pilsen offers new milk automatic machines, milk from them can be drunk without reboiling

People in Pilsen as the first in country will get an opportunity to buy freshly milked milk in automatic machines. They will not have to re-boiled it. The news is to be a new impulse for sale of fresh milk in the Czech Republic. After a notice of hygienists about the duty to reboil it, the interest in this service decreased. An agricultural farm from Líně will open three milk automatic machines for fresh milk, which passed pasteurization, in two weeks in Pilsen. In tis process milk is heated to 72 to 75°C for 10 to 20 seconds. “It secures a complete hygienic safety and at the same time preservation of all sensuous and qualitative milk characteristics”, František Sikyta, a chairman of a farm Zemědělská výroba Milknatur, which comes with the news, explains.


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