Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 24. 11. 2010

Government enabled sale of agricultural land to foreigners

The government passed an amendment of the Foreign Exchange Act which enables to sell agricultural land to foreigners. A ban of sale was negotiated by the Czech Republic as an exception in accession into the European Union. However, the exception terminates in May next year. Foreigners must not buy agricultural land till this time, nevertheless, foreign legal persons, having a seat in the CR, already own tens of thousand hectares. According to the Ministry of Finances it was necessary to harmonize the Foreign Exchange Act with the EU primary laws otherwise the European Commission could reputedly initiate a procedure against the Czech Republic which could result in as much as a judgment of EU Court of Law and a possible fine. The Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa (ODS) should prepare changes of laws on state land and the Land Fund by the end of January.

Agricultural Committee refused full evening up of payment to farmers

Today, the parliamentary Agricultural Committee refused a proposal of ČSSD representatives, Michal Hašek and Ladislav Skopal, to increase a sum for evening up of direct payments in 2011 from suggested zero to 4.8 billion crowns, which is the maximum amount which the state can pay off in this grant next year. Farmers strongly dislike the government intention to give them nothing for evening up for the first time since the accession. Two thousand of them met especially because of this in Prague Lucerna on Tuesday, Vice versa, the Committee approved and suggested the Parliament to pass a transfer of 150 million crowns from expenditures for run of the Ministry in favour to national subsidy programs. The proposed decrease of these supports would be moderated in this way. At beginning of next month, the proposal passed by the government counts on 520 million which is more than 50 percent year-on-year decrease.

Milk became a scarcity in Cheb region

Low milk buy-out prices forced farmers to cancel dairy cow breeding. Also farmers in the region Cheb have decided to solve the unfavourable situation. They replace dairy cows with meat cattle. “Reasons of decrease in dairy cows number are several,” Josef Erhard from the Agrarian Chamber Cheb stated. “At first, money. Respectively, for how many milk is bought out from producers. Moreover, a relatively big number of employees is necessary to care for dairy cows. Last but not least, we have to mention dairy works. There is none dairy works in all the region Karlovy Vary which would buy out milk”, he added. Deplorable conditions on the market forced to cancel breeding also in Agrokombinát Dolní Žandov. “Everything is only about finances”, a director of Agrokombinát Dolní Žandov, Vladimír Tůma, specified.

In total 35 wines from Bohemia and Moravia has got on top

In total 35 wines from Bohemia and Moravia has got in prestigious French bulletin 1000 Vins du Monde for 2011. According to a director of the National Viticultural Centre, Pavel Krška, the publication associates the best wines of the world. Its significance is comparable with Michelin Guide in which fans of the best world gastronomy look for an inspiration. According to Krška, Moravian and Bohemian wines sound off in top staves of world competitions with still growing intensity. “We had expected a bit that they would appear in 1000 Vins du Monde sooner or later. However, none of us hoped that it would happen with thirty five wines on the instant”, Krška stated. Comissioners selecting the top wines were griped the most by the viticulture Krist with six wines, Baloun (5 wines), Moravské vinařské závody (4 wines) and Víno Mikulov and Bohemia Sekt both with three wines.


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