Summary of newspapers of the previous day –25.11.2010

Brussels threatens Prague owing to directive on seeds, it requires information

The European Commission threatens to the Czech Republic that it will send it before the European justice owing to missing information about executing of Union rules on seed nomenclature. The Commission informed on it in today´s declaration. A spokeswoman of the Ministry of Agriculture, Tereza Dvořáčková, said to ČTK that requirements resulting from European legislative are partially implemented in enforceable Czech laws and partially in amendments which are now in legislative process. The Commission sent similar admonitions also in other two countries of the European Union, Spain and Hungary. The Commission´s warning concerns a directive about botanical names of plants and other organisms.

Euro-representatives require so that bee-keepers would get more money from EU

The European Parliament require so that the European Union would give more money for bee-keepers support. In a resolution passed by Euro-representatives today they warn that bee mortality in Europe still increases. At the same time they pointed out a decreasing number of bee-keepers. Roughly 76 percents of food production is dependent on bee pollination. “Difficult conditions in the area of marketing, price fluctuation and a high bee mortality, they are only some of factors which endanger bee-keeping in Europe”, one of authors of the parliamentary resolution, the Euro-representative Paolo De Castro, told. According to lawmakers, the European Commission should also change rules for marking of honey origin so that it would not be possible to indicate misleading information on labels.

Committee refused full evening up of payments

A proposal of representatives Michal Hašek and Ladislav Skopal to increase a sum for evening up of direct payments in 2011 from suggested zero to 4.8 billion crowns was refused by the parliamentary Agricultural Committee today. Vice versa, the Committee approved and suggested the Parliament to pass a transfer of 150 million crowns from expenditures for run of the Ministry in favour to national subsidy programs. At beginning of next month, the proposal passed by the government counts on 520 million which is more than 50 percent year-on-year decrease. After a sufficient increase, farmers and bee-keepers or food producers could obtain in total 677 million crowns.

Inspectors found first forged stum, 10 samples did not comply

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) has found the first forging of stum and partially fermented grape must. From in total 26 examined samples all over the CR, ten did not comply with the check. An often aberrance against regulations was an adulteration with water also this year, a manager of the SZIP communication department, Romana Kadaňková, said to ČTK. Samples of stum - a semi-finished product in wine production, which is available several days after the beginning of must fermentation - was taken by SZIP in a period from the 1st of August to the 30th of November.


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