Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 29. 11. 2010

Czech University of Life Sciences as one of the first universities in the CR achieved prestigious international accreditation for verification of professional computer knowledge and abilities - ECDL Advanced

A dean of the Faculty of Economics and Management, prof. Hron, from hands of prof. Štěpánková, a chairman of the Czech Society for Cybernetics and Informatics took a Certificate on accreditation of international programme ECDL Advance on the 26th of November, 2010. At present, CULS is the only university in Bohemia which has met demanding criteria stated by a supranational ECDL Foundation and is authorized to make use of advantages of this educational conception and to practice appropriate tests. The ECDL Advance programme examines and classifies professional knowledge and abilities of users of office applications determined for work with text, calculation tables, databases and presentations. Successful graduates obtain ECDL Advanced and ECDL Expert certificates which are internationally recognized documents of their professional qualification for work with a computer.

Preparation of department for coming negotiation on CAP reform is high

Fair conditions in direct payments for farmers became a basic topic of the fourth round-table negotiation to questions of the EU in agriculture on Friday the 26th of November, 2010. Representatives of the Ministry of Agriculture and a non-governmental sphere agree on a rejection of transitive period for old member states, a national co-financing of supports in the first CAP pillar, and a reduction of supports according to size of enterprises. There is an agreement among the department representatives and the non-government sphere on basic parameters of the CR position for coming negotiations. For example it is dealt with a rejection of transitive period for old member states, a national co-financing of supports in the first CAP pillar, and a reduction of supports according to size of enterprises. Similar opinions there are also in a need to reduce fundamentally national supports which lead to abuse of economic competition on the EU market.

Euro: Group Agrofert buys meat-combine Procházka in Roudnice

A meat division of the holding Agrofert will be enlarged by a medium-sized meat processor from Roudnice nad Labem, a company Procházka. A weekly Euro writes it in an issue which will be published on Monday. With reference to information from the market the weekly presents a price about 700 million crowns. According to Euro, three persons were interested in the meat-combine in Roudnice with daily production as many as 150 tonnes of meat and meat products. The Agrofert victory was confirmed to the weekly by several people from the branch, a chief of the company Procházka, Pavel Elias nor Agrofert owner, Andrej Babiš, expressed their statement to the transaction. The year before last, the company Procházka showed a turnover 1.7 billion crowns in sale of more than 27 000 tonnes of meat and meat products. Tt finished the year before last with a profit 31 million crowns. For Agrofert it is not dealt with the first this year´s acquisition in meat industry.

Bee-keeping needs and merits greater help

Euro-representatives require stricter rules for honey marking. “Let´s import them but high-quality”, a secretary of the Bee-keeping Union says. The European Parliament demands so that the European Union would give more money for support of bee-keepers. They warn in a resolution passed by Euro-representatives last week that bee mortality in Europe still increases. At the same time they point out a decreasing number of bee-keepers. “Roughly 76 percents of food production is dependent on bee pollination. Difficult conditions in the marketing area, price fluctuation and the high bee mortality - they are only some of factors endangering bee-keeping in Europe”. It was told by one of the authors of parliamentary resolution, the Euro-representative Paolo De Castro.


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