Summary of newspaper of the previous days – 30.11. – 1.12. 2010

Winner of competition Farmer of the Year is ZD Rajhradice

The winner of this year´s year competition Farmer of the Year is Zemědělské družstvo Rajhradice (agri-coop) from South Moravia. The competition organized already for the nineteenth times by publishing Profi Press evaluates agricultural enterprises according to several economic indicators. Results were published at a special seminar meeting on agricultural policy next year in the Chamber of Deputies today. The second place fell to the company ZS Dublovice from Příbram region; the third one belongs to Zemědělskému družstvu Kouty (agri-coop) from Vysočina. The winner got a cheque for 150 000 crowns from sponsors; the second place was honoured with a sum 100 000 crowns, and the third in order obtained 50 000 CZK. Last year´s winner was a company Agrofarma 2007 Dubnice from Krnov region.

According to EP, ECB has to solve actively economic crisis

After on the 22.11.2010 afternoon, Euro-representatives discussed with the president of European Central Bank (ECB), Jean-Claud Trichet, the role of ECB during a crisis, they adopted a resolution on the 23.11.2010 in which they evaluate a procedure of this bank in 2009 and suggest next measures which should be taken regarding the actual economic situation. In connection with continuing problems with indebtedness, which the EU countries fumble with, on the 23.11.2010, the representatives in their resolution called upon ECB to accept as the state bonds of Euro-zone countries a guarantee after the fashion of Great Britain and the United States. At the same time they pointed out problems connected with rating agencies and the way in which they judge an indebtedness rate of particular states.

FAO: Food prices in November the highest since July 2008

World food prices in November grew the fifth month in sequence and their index got the highest since the year before last July, so again closer to a record maximum of the beginning of 2008. The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of UNO informed about it today. According to an agency, record-high price of sugar contributed to this last month as well as further strong growth in cereals and oil plants prices. FAO total index of food prices increased to 205.4 points in November from 198.1 points in October. The index measures prices in frame of food basket which includes cereals, sugar, milk products and meat. Sugar price index increased to record 374,7 points, about 25 points above the October level. The cereals price indicator raised by five points to 224,9 points, the highest since September 2008.

EU budget for 2011. European parliament reminds its position

According to a resolution on the present negotiation in form of EU budget for the next year, passed by the European Parliament today, Euro-representatives are prepared to accede to numbers suggested by the Council of Ministers and to close an agreement. However, that all on condition that governments of member states will enable a certain flexibility of the budget and will come to an agreement on how they will co-operate in the future in preparation of further budgets. The resolution on EU budget for next year was supported in voting today by an overwhelming majority of Euro-representatives (486 were for, 64 against, and 21 desisted from voting). They remind in it that they are prepared “to contribute to an agreement on budget for 2011 and with it connected questions in a very short term”, however, providing that following conditions are met.


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