Summary of newspapers of the previous day –2.12.2010

ME wants to release hands to entrepreneurs

The Minister of Environment (ME) will have tabled a material to the government by the end of 2010 which should help to develop enterprise in the Czech Republic from a viewpoint of environment conservation. A document with a name: Proposals for solution of measure to strengthen competitiveness and development of enterprise in the Czech Republic from a viewpoint of environment conservation” contains 96 suggestions relating to environment conservation regulations. Points were judged individually by an inter-departmental work commission which subsequently proposed solutions.

SVA has revealed 27 objectionable consignments by end of October, 125 tonnes in total

The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) has found out 27 cases of objectionable products aimed at the domestic market since this year beginning by the end of October. In total it was dealt with roughly 135 tonnes of foods of animal origin from the EU countries and non-member states. ČTK was informed on it by a spokesman of the SVA, Josef Duben, today. All consignments were either returned in the country of origin or harmlessly liquidated, Duben stated. According to him, veterinarians withdrew poultry, pig and beef meat, fish, eggs, milk products, but also dehydrated intestines and honey this year till the present. The objectionable products came from Slovakia, Poland, Germany, Spain, Lithuania and Italy, so countries which are the EU members but also non-member states: Brazil, China, Turkey and Pakistan.

Inspectors stopped sale of pistachios from Iran owing to aflatoxins

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SAFI) stopped sale of a product Pistácie pražené solené (Pistachios roasted salted) originated from Iran owing to excessive amount of aflatoxins. The product is available in shops of the chain Kaufland where a firm Enziger with a seat in Bratislava supplied it. ČTK was informed on it by a manager of communication department of SAFI, Romana Kadaňková. “The company Kaufland Česká republika was imposed a measure to withdraw immediately this food from circulation in all its premises. Regarding the found out content of aflatoxins SAFI does not recommend in any case their consummation”, Kadaňková stated.

Czech drink small amount of milk, project Bílé plus should change it

A project of the Agrarian Chamber (ACH) with name Bílé plus (White plus) aims to increase consumption of milk and milk products. A three-year promotion campaign, whose costs exceed nine million crowns, started on October. The project is financed from European Union means and national resources. It was introduced by representatives ACH and the Ministry of Agriculture at a press conference. Consumption of milk and milk products in the Czech Republic decreases in a long-term horizon. For example butter consumption has decreased by 50 percents since 1989. The project is financed half from Union money, from 30 percents by the state and from a fifth by the Agrarian Chamber whose members are most of important milk producers in the CR.


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