Summary of newspapers of the previous day –7.12.2010

Farmers will not block highway to Prague

Farmer trade unionists desisted from a planned blockade of some of highways to Prague. A chairman of the Trade union of agriculture and nutrition employees, Bohumír Dufek, confirmed it to Právo on Tuesday. Trade unionists had succeeded to close an agreement with employer unions in frame of collective negotiation. “The total wage increase for next year should be 2,7 percents, of it wages in worker jobs will increase by three percents”, Dufek said to Právo. Originally, farmers wanted to block with their machines the entrance in the city on one of highways. However, they did not mention, which highway it should concern.

Possible cancellation of tender of Lesy ČR will reputedly endanger future of firm LESS

A forest-timber group LESS, which is the biggest enterprise of its kind in the Czech Republic, is afraid that the antimonopoly office will cancel a tender of the state enterprise Lesy ČR (LČR) for forestry works next year. A change for the tender cancelation is roughly fifty percents. A chief of the firm, Jan Mičánek, told it today. According to Mičánek, the future of the group LESS, for which the state is a n important business partner, is uncertain. According to LČR there is no reason for cancellation of the tender. According to preliminary tender results for the next year the firm submitted the best offer for 16 of the total 108 territory units and ended the third in a selective proceeding. The same as in the past, several subjects objected to the tender for the next year.

Share of non-quality stum increased

A smaller grape harvest and its lower quality evidently caused that a part of stum producers helped themselves in production and sale by illegal ways more than last year. Inspectors of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) has taken 50 samples this year from August till the end of November; ten of the half examined till this time were objectionable. “A bigger amount of caught objectionable samples can be caused by not only this year´s bad crop but also by the fact that the Food Inspection targeted its checks much more a check of geographical origin this year. Also, the cause was an improvement of laboratory procedures”, a spokeswoman of the Inspection, Romana Kadaňková, said to the daily E15.

MA set up teams to solve fall in animal production

The Ministry of Agriculture (MA) wants to overturn a long-term fall in animal production in the CR. Therefore the Minister Ivan Fuksa (ODS) set up four work groups at the end of November. They should table concrete suggestions for solution of the most burning issues in pig breeding, ruminants, poultry and horse breeding during the first quarter next year. Experts should meet for the first time by the half of December. A spokeswoman of MA, Tereza Dvořáčková, said it to ČTK. Animal production in the CR has still decreased in recent years, while plant production has stagnated. A self-sufficiency of the state in most animal commodities decreases. The Agrarian Chamber supposed that more than a half of this year´s domestic meat consumption will come from export.


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