Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 15. 12. 2010

Research confirmed growing interest of consumers in bio-foods

Bio-foods, products of organic farming, take bigger and bigger and more stable place in Czech households. The total share of consumers buying bio-foods got, according to the inquiry, on almost 40 %. Practically all consumers have enough of basic pieces of information according to which they decide on the bio-food purchase. Bio-foods grown in frame of organic farming without use of chemical means are known by an absolute majority of the interviewed. Even if in 2008 a great number of people knew about bio-foods, 92 %, in 2010 it was by 4 % of inhabitants of the Czech Republic more. A quarter of polled knows also when a certified organic farm lies the nearest to their surrounding.

Call appeal of Agrarian Chamber of CR for use of agricultural machines

A situation came when on one hand owing to an extraordinarily strong snowing there are hardly rideable a big amount of roads and streets in towns. On the other hand, agricultural machines are not fully engaged in agricultural enterprises in this season which can contribute to improvement of the rideability. Contacts to regional and district agrarian chambers, which are able to mediate the aid of agricultural enterprises, are on web sites of the Agrarian Chamber of the CR or in the section Aktuality (news).

Pig breeders have chance of EU help, even Czech work group should map local difficulties

The European Union is going to help pig meat producers, similarly as to milk producers in the past. The fall in pih meat sector continues in all the EU for several years. Pig meat production still decreases in the Union and only in the Czech Republic over six years of its EU membership it has fallen by 40 percents. The European Twenty-Seven should set together an expert group presently which should find eventual forms of help as fast as possible. In the same way the Union proceeded in case of milk producers. For example, they will be able to associate and have a stronger position towards processors. As well the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa instituted four work groups for the area of animal production November-end.

Supplies of endowed milk products in schools have increased by 73 pct

Supplies of endowed milk and mlk products for children in kindergartens, primary schools and high schools have increased by 72.7 percents to almost 11 million pieces of packages in a period from January to October year-on-yearly. At that time, 2 877 schools have joined the programme which is compared to the last year by 41 percents more. The Ministry of Agriculture (MZe) informed on it ČTK today. “Numbers clearly predicate about fruitfulness of this project. It is a welcomed additional way of sale for milk producers, for children it is an opportunity to take healthy and fresh milk product whenever they get an appetite”, the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa appraised results of the project.


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