Summary of newspapers of the previous day –16.12.2010

Pig breeders have chance of EU help, Czech work group should map local difficulties

The European Union prepares to help pig meat producers, similarly as to milk producers in the past. The fall in pig meat sector continues in the all EU for several years. Pig meat production still decreases in the Union and only in the Czech Republic over six years of its EU membership it has fallen by 40 percents. The European Twenty-Seven wants to set together an expert group which should find eventual forms of help as fast as possible. In the same way the Union proceeded in case of milk producers. For example, they will be able to associate and have a stronger position towards processors.

Inspection forbade noodles indigenous China

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection forbade sale of Fast-preparation noodles (Rychlopřípravné nudle) (weight 500g, Date of exp. 30.9.2012) indigenous China, and Glass noodles (Skleněné nudle) (weight 250 g, Date of exp. 31.12.2012) also indigenous China. A content of aluminum in the noodles exceeds a limit determined at a meeting of the Standing Committeeon theFood Chain and Animal Health. The set limit value is 10 mg/kg. Laboratory analyses revealed in a sample of Fast-preparation noodles 21,10 mg/kg of aluminum and in a sample of Glass noodles 142,00 mg/kg of aluminum.

Antonín Švehla Prize was obtained by Petr Havel

Already for the forth time in sequence, on the eve of a date of death of the most important first-republic personality of Czech policy and Czech farmers - Antonín Švehla, a prize, which bears his name, was handed over. This tradition was founded by the Endowment Fund of Engaged Independents some time ago which together with the Institute of Contemporary History of the Academy of Science of the CR (ÚSD) choose carefully yearly the appreciated to whom this prestigious prize will be bestowed. This year´s handover took place in the building of the Institute of Contemporary History in Prague with participation of several tens of personalities. Since the second year, also the Private Farming Association of the CR (ASZ ČR ) shares in this interesting and beneficial event. One of introduction speeches was hold by a ASZ ČR chairman, Josef Stehlík.

By 2015, share of organically farmed land should have increased to 15 %

The Action plan for development of organic farming, introduced to the government by the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa, counts on an increase of agricultural land farmed in organically careful regime. According to the Action plan, also a share of bio-foods on the Czech food market to three percents in 2011 - 2015. They represents less than one percent now. An aim of the plan is among other to increase a share of Czech products on the bio-food market to 60 percents. Today, an absolute majority is imported. “One of possibilities to support Czech bio-foods on the market is building of sale places of a local character where eco-farmers could offer their products”, the Minister of Agriculture Ivan Fuksa tells.


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