Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 9.8. 2011

Company Tesco Stores ČR a.s. informs on withdrawal of frozen cream with milk chocolate and almonds

The company Tesco Stores ČR a.s. withdraws a product with a trade name “Tesco Mražený krém s rostlinným tukem vanilkový s mléčnou čokoládou a mandlemi” (Tesco Frozen cream with plant fat vanilla with milk chocolate and almonds) with date of expiration 05.04.13, package of 120 ml. The reason for withdrawal is a presence of peanuts which are not as a potential allergen mentioned on the package.

Budget hypocrisy of European Union

A budget framework for 2014 to 2020 was submitted by the European Commission at June end. The European Commission promised maintenance of budget amount from the last years in the agriculture area. The proposal is a new conception of subsidies in agriculture in an unprecedented extent. Numbers are absolutely clear. The total budget of EU-27 has an increasing tendency; the budget for agriculture decreases. In 2014, the EU-27 will manages with 142.5 milliard Euros, 57.4 milliard Euros of it in the chapter 2, where subsidies in agriculture are introduced, respectively 40.28 percents of the total budget of member states. In 2020, the European Union´s budget counts on the total sum 150.72 milliard Euros, approximately 51.8 milliard Euros of it for agriculture and for rural development, respectively 34.4 percents.

Harvest stagnate, farmers are slowed down by rains

If the weather agrees with forecasts of meteorologists, who promised abnormally hot summer among others, farmers would have this year´s cereals crop under roof. However, varying rains block harvest uncompromisingly. As we have already written, not only grain is wet but on many places farmers fight with damp subsoil where machinery can not go on. Otto Köstinger from Lužany agricultural joint-stock company confirms that in sunny weather harvest would be already the past. Grain is ripe, of good quality, however, everything is slowed down by rain.

Biggest unfairness made by minister to farmers

Also farmers in the region Ústí nad Orlicí are very unsatisfied with decision by the Minister of Agriculture on stopping of support to building of bio-gas stations. It is a typical case of agricultural contraception when we learn about suitability of building of bio-gas stations; we open the 13th round of reception of applications; applicants pass many negotiations and spend a considerable sum of financial means for projects, planning licence; they laboriously negotiate credits with banks, and then everything is cancelled by one incomprehensible decision. Thereby the Czech Republic will lose about 500 million crowns from the European Union which shares in financing of these projects in the biggest rate. So, I ask what is this agricultural conception? Who pays the expend finances for projects and cost connected with it? How we can confide in the policy of department and in politicians?


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