Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 22.8. 2011

Natural substance will protect food against going off for as many as several years

A happy coincidence lead to finding a way to maintain meat, milk products or eggs unspoiled for many years. A microbiologist Dan O'Sullivan from the University of Minnesota found a use for bacteria which usually live in human intestines. Their by-product is bisin, a substance which works as super-preservative. O'Sullivan found out abilities of bisin by chance during a common research of intestinal bacteria. Bisin with its composition is very similar to nisin, a preservative which is already now used in cheeses. Moreover, bisin kills bacteria E. coli, Salmonella and Listeria so efficiently that a food treated with this substance could theoretically last unspoiled for endlessly long time.

Honey giants get on

A large-scale plant for bee-keeping emerges in the Czech Republic. The whole branch experiences renaissance now. Thousand bee colonies this year, maybe already two thousand next year. A biggest enterprise for honey production and bee-keeping in the Czech Republic comes into being near Bohdaneč in the region Kutná Hora. Initiators of the projects are owners of the biggest forestry firm in the country Less & Forest, Jan Mičánek with his son. “Meanwhile, it is an investment for five to ten millions, we will see how the economy will develop further”, Jan Mičánek jr. tells. His intention is confirmed by a trend from the recent time. In the Czech Republic, a number of big bee-keepers increases; the entire branch grows thanks to subsidies and good honey price. Last year, also a break happened and after long years of decrease, for the first time year-on-yearly the number of bee colonies increased.

Pork halves grew owing to demand from China

China demands still more and more pig meat from the USA and thanks to it futures contracts for pork halves strengthened the most over the last 4 weeks on Friday. China is the biggest pork consumer in the world and prices of pig meat in this economy in July were by 57 % higher than in the same period last year. According to data of Chinese authorities, pig meat export increased from the USA to China by 45 % during the first 6 months this year.

Parameters of Common Agricultural Policy are in the world

The Commission opened internal consultations about a paragraph version of a new Common Agricultural Reform draft. The draft will be published on the 12th October. In brief, the proposal contains “more music for less money”. In the light of present economic “condition” of member states it is a logic step which has many opponents. In the first pillar, other “greening” of the Common Agricultural Policy is proposed. A duty to introduce for example a rotation of minimally three crops which are grown on more than 5 % land of an enterprise is other meeting of conditions over the framework of already fixed „Cross-Compliance“. 5 % of land in grass “buffering zones - grass zones”, it is further duty ordered by a new version of CAP. This measure can be used in the CR to prevent soil erosion.


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