Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 2. – 4. 9. 2011

Babiš wants to join Agropodnik Domažlice to Agrofert

A billionaire Andrej Babiš wants to add other agricultural firm in his collection. His Agrofert Holding announced to the Office of the Protection of Competition that it would like to gain Loreden Corporation and by means of it also Agropodnik Domažlice. ČTK informed on it invoking internet sites of the Office. Domažlice company is not any dwarf; it has about hundred of regular employees and a turnover between 1.5 and two billion crowns.

As much as one fifth of hops will go to waste, also owing to cheap beers

Obviously, sales of Czech hops will not be better in the next years. It is expected by its growers. Mainly it is owing to stagnating beer production and increasing popularity of cheap supermarket marks which are cheated in raw materials. A secretary of the Hop Research Institute, Co., Ltd. Jiří Kořen said it to ČTK. Hop growers had a very good crop this year, however, they will leave as much as maybe one fifth on hop gardens because it did not pay off to harvest it. Reputedly, nor hop growers who move in the branch for tens of years do not remember such paradoxical harvest.

FAO warns against catastrophic impact of climate influence on foods

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UNO supposes that food safety deserves a larger space in a climatic changes agenda. According to the FAO, the climatic changes will seriously influence agricultural systems in the 21st century which will affect above all developing countries. Although it is essential to pay attention to shorter-term impacts of climatic changes caused for example by extreme climatic occurrences, influences with slower coming will bring deeper changes which will endanger services of the ecosystem connected with agriculture.

Farmers prepare own draft law against bureaucracy

Czech farmers are limited in economy an excessive amount of administrative duties. An Anti-bureaucratic Commission of the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR (ABK), to which establishment the Association of Private Agriculture of the CR (ASZ) gave stimulus, helps already to remove unnecessary requirements from the side of authorities established by the Ministry of Agriculture. However, also other ministerial departments influence the activity of private farmers.


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