Summary of newspapers if the previous days – 9. – 11. 9. 2011

Members suggested transfer 1.1 milliard for national subsidies

The Parliamentary agricultural committee suggested so that the total sum 1.1 milliard crowns determined for an increase of the Ministry of Agriculture´s budget goes to strengthen national endowment resources. The original government proposal counted on that only 540 million crowns would be transferred, mainly for pig breeding. Remaining 560 million should have gone to the Rural Development Programme. The government wants to take the money from the Land Fund.

Support of ecological agriculture in ČR

The Agricultural Union supports ecological farming whose aim is to secure bio-food production, but not within the current rules. The present ecological CR agriculture support system enables inefficient spending of financial means. Every one crown of production from ecological agriculture is supported with three crowns by the state in supports and subsidies. So, despite the fact that 12.5 % of agricultural land is used for ecological farming, our bio-foods production does not reach either 1.5 % of the total agricultural production and the major part of bio-foods is imported from abroad.

According to FAO index, food prices slightly decreased in August

Food prices in the world slightly decreased during August; cereal price growth balanced decrease of oil and milk product prices. An index of the Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) of the UNO shows it. At the same time FAO decreased also an estimation of world cereal production for this year, mainly for the reason of lower harvest in the USA. The FAO food price index decreased from 231.9 points in July to 231.1 points in August. The index measures monthly price fluctuations of cereals, oil plants, milk products, meat and sugar.

Lesy ČR will tighten up timber harvesting check

The state enterprise Lesy ČR will much more tighten up check of timber harvesting from the next year to prevent illegal harvesting and losses. A general director of the firm Svatopluk Sýkora told it. At end of August, Lesy ČR started the second round of a giant tender for forest works and wood sale since 2012 in which 62 of 66 entered firms progressed. All important firms of Czech forestry are in the competition. “All inspectional employees of Lesy ČR have passed a training; we will strengthen also costs for the checking system in the financial plan since 2012.


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