Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 13. 9. 2011

Month of bio-foods presents their quality

Not only a new school year, but also already traditional informative and edifying action of the Ministry of Agriculture of the CR, which take place for the seventh time, started in the first September day. In the month of harvest and crop celebration an aim is to show that ecological agriculture has much to offer. A motto of this year´s year “We mark quality” shows that a ecological farmer and bio-product control system represents a guarantee of quality, way of growing of plant growing and animal breeding.

State collects on alcohol and liquor tax less than before its increase. Distilleries reduce alcohol content

Sale decrease, black distillations, and reduction of alcohol content in large distilleries results in a lower collection of consumption tax. Hereat, it was increased by the state by more than seven percents last year. Small and large distilleries dispute whether the lower alcohol content is required by customers or it is only an effort to save. Since the last year increased spirit tax and a gradual rise in prices of alcohol and liquors does not bring an expected effect to the state. Despite the tax increased by more than seven percents last year, the tax collection in the state treasury does not correspond with it.

Apples froze; south-Bohemian fruit growers cry that so low harvest has not been for 30 years

Fruit-growers in the south of Bohemia have the worst apple harvest over the last thirty years this year. May frosts on some places even destroyed all apples. Also fruit processors expect problems. Three frosty days in May were enough and most of apples are away. A considerable part of the remaining is damaged or unsuitable for consummation. Fruit growers will have to process them. “About 80 percents of our apples completely froze. Somewhere nor one stayed. There are a couple on hills, but a half is not to eat. We do not remember anything similar over fifteen years.”

Title Village 2011 was obtained by Komňa from Zlín region

Within the 14th International festival of children folklore ensembles “Písní a tancem” (By song and dance” in Luhačovice, results of this year´s already the 17th year of a competition “Village 2011” were ceremonially annunciated. The title was bestowed to the municipality Komňa from Zlín region. Hlavenec from the Central Bohemia was placed as the second and the third place was obtained by a village Skalička from the region Olomouc. “I suppose the rural development as one of its priorities. Therefore I support the competition “Village of the year” whose aim is to encourage rural inhabitants to participate actively in development of their home”.


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