Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 20.9. 2011

Prices of most commodities on Corn Exchange stabilize

Prices of most crops traded on the Corn Exchange Brno stabilize; their further movement is minimal. Corn prices have decreased significantly over the last 14 days. According to an exchange secretary Karel Zezula, it is a usual phenomenon before harvest which repeats every year. He said it to ČTK today. Corn prices decreased by more than 12 percents. Currently, in case that transport is paid by a buyer it costs 4359 crowns. Also prices of food wheat aimed down; however, the decline is only in ones of percents. “Here, the reason is a generally lower quality of food wheat. Otherwise, prices of particular crops stabilize”, Zezula added.

Inspection found out excessive amount of histamine in sardines from Estonia

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection found out by a laboratory analysis of sardines SAIRA sardinela originated from Estonia a several-times exceeding of permitted limit for histamine. Although legal regulations admit the highest admissible content of histamine 100 mg/kg, resp. 200 mg/kg in some sub-samples, the official samples taken by the inspection showed as many as 1522 mg/kg. It is dealt with a fish product - a can, the package data: trade name „SAIRA Sardinela in own sauce with oil addition”, the package weight 240 g, DMT 28.01.2013, the charge 175228, the distributor BALTAXIA, a.s., U Nisy 604/15, Liberec, FAO 032/34 EE228 EU.

Farmers´ takings for plant production will grow by half this year

According to estimation of the Agricultural Union, farmers in the Czech Republic will take in foe the main plant production about 43 milliard crowns. In comparison with the last year it is by 15 milliard CZK more. It is thanks to almost by a fifth higher crop and the fact that growers are substantially better paid for rape and cereals. However, in animal production, only a slight revival happened. A chairman of the Union Miroslav Jirovský told it at a meeting of the Union committee in Větrný Jeníkov. Pig breeders still have the biggest difficulties. “This year is better since the very beginning against the foregoing one. I think that it will contribute to stabilization of agriculture”, Jirovský told.

Appropriate regulation of vegetable and fruit markets

France and Spain summarized measures within a critical management in the branch of fruit and vegetable production. France and Spain require improvement of fruit and vegetable market regulation in the European Union by means of introduction of appropriate measures. On the occasion of meeting with his departmental colleague Rosa Aguilar from Spain, French Minister of Agriculture Bruno La Maire introduced a catalogue of critical management tools. They are necessary, from their point of view, for fruit and vegetable market management. Their rank among them a possibility of intervention purchases at the EU level during an established time period which should be opened also for individual producers and not only for production organizations.


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