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30. 9. 2011 | Agris

Number of farmer shops increases in Czech Republic

A number of so called farmer shops, which offer products of small farmers and foods from small producers, increases in the Czech Republic. For example a chain Český grunt plans to enlarge a number of its shops from the current four to eight till this year´s end. A secretary of the company Český grunt CZ Aleš Kotěra told. During the autumn, shops in Tábor, Olomouc, Příbram and České Budějovice will be added to already working in Prague (2), Pardubice and Písek, Kotěra stated.

Lesy ČR continues in record economy - economic results over January to August 4.3 milliard

An economic result (ER) of the company Lesy ČR over eight month of this year is 4.3 milliard CZK which is a higher (ER) than over the whole last year. A significant most of gross profit is from the main company´s activity. So, henceforth, a presumption of Lesy ČR management fulfills that the enterprise has a potential to reach constantly quality economic results of many milliard crowns yearly. Among the main reasons of the continuing successful economy of the company there are above all a transition to economically more preferential economy model “at trunk” of forest administrations and a creation of competitive and fair environment for participants of forestry works tenders .

Amendment of law on ecologic agriculture should contribute to improvement of current state

PRO-BIO Union of Ecological Farmers welcomes a fact that the current European legislative has finally its reflection in the national legislative in a form of amendment of law on ecological agriculture. It feels it as a culmination of almost two-year effort which accompanied the negotiation. “We are glad that this amendment passed the legislative process just at time when mainly social and economic issues are solved and ecological agriculture should not be felt as priority problems.

Babiš´s empire enlarged by United Bakeries

Agrofert Holding owned by an entrepreneur Andrej Babiš buys an owner of the largest inland bakeries United Bakeries, Euro Bakeries Holding. The acquisition should be now approved by the Antimonopoly Office, as a server Patria Online stated today and Babiš confirmed subsequently. At present, the group Agrofert, which is the biggest subject in agriculture and food industry in the CR, owns also the second biggest bakeries Penam. “Of course, we signed it today”, Babiš reacted to a ČTK question today. However, on the other hand, a representative of United Bakeries did not confirm the news.

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