Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 7.11.2011

Premier will restrict advertisement through agencies

Next year, Premier Petr Nečas plans to reduce vigorously cooperation of state enterprises including to Lesy ČR with medial agencies which plan them campaigns and purchase advertising space in the press and the internet for them. “State firms and authorities should have capable employees which are able to negotiate with media representatives directly, without mediators”, Petr Nečes said to Hospodářské noviny. Many campaigns for state enterprises - Lesy ČR, but also ČEZ, Česká pošta or České dráhy are organized by the agency Médea owned by a media magnate Jaromír Soukup. However, Médea helped also with election campaigns to Věci veřejné and ČSSD, so it has the premier´s decision of political connection. The coalition government started to reduce the influence of media agencies and above all of Jaromír Soukup immediately after its coming.

Wine producers hope in potential on Chinese market

A decrease in wine sale on traditional markets makes vine-growers to bet on Chinese market as a potential outlet. As an agency AP warns, regarding the fact that there is a big competitiveness in this area and China is not a typical country for wine consummation, it will not be easily obtained money. Thousands of people came to see an important wine and spirit fair in Hong Kong last week where they tasted many trademarks from producers from New Zealand to French region Bordeaux. Other visitors participated conference about wine in the city centre where also Francis Ford Coppola, Hollywood stage director and Californian wine producer in one person, spoke.

According to ČSÚ, production of cereals increased in Olomouc region

According to estimations of the Czech Statistical Office (CSO), production of cereals of growers in Olomouc region increased year-on-yearly this year. On base of the investigation to the 15th of October, statisticians appraised it to 645 553 tonnes, in 2010 it was 520 048 tonnes. According to preliminary data, 8,2 million tonnes of cereals were harvested last year in the entire country which represents a year-on-year increase by 19,8 percents. According to estimation of CSO, an average hectare yield of cereals of agricultural enterprises from Olomouc region increased from 4.95 tonnes in 2010 to 6.03 tonnes. In comparison with other regions, the growers from Olomouc region occupied the fourth best place in the country.

Future of agricultural enterprises in Saxony is insecure

Many Saxon agricultural farms do not have secured any followers who would like to continue in their operation in the future. Still always many social groups in Germany dream of a picture of agriculture propping itself upon small farmers. However, the reality is absolutely different. Still more and more farmers leave this picture of world. Nor German federative country Saxony remained apart from significant structural changes. According to a press release of Saxon Agricultural Chamber, almost two thirds of 26 000 agricultural subjects led by managers older than 45 years do not have cleared a successorship securing further run of the business. As results of last year census documented, only 6 000 of the total amount of approximately 16 000 Saxon enterprises with the main gainful activities in agriculture can count on a continuator.


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