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Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 11.-13.11.2011

14. 11. 2011 | Agris

Firm ADM will enlarge enterprise for processing of oily seeds in Olomouc

The company Archer Daniels Midland Company (ADM) will probably enlarge its Olomouc enterprise for processing of oily seeds. By the investment it should increase its production portfolio and production effectiveness. The project means also that the firm will be able to take off more products from local suppliers. A director of ADM branches in Olomouc and in Bavarian Straubing René van der Poel informed ČTK on it today. The initial phase of the project, which will enable among other things to produce newly sunflower grouts with higher content of protein, started a year ago; the finish is planned at the beginning to a half of the next year. The project whose costs were not published by the firm also counts on increase in capacities of storages areas and a building of new silos.

Productivity of wheat growing has to be increased

Conclusions of international congress which took place in German Monheim. To increase wheat production, public as well as private organizations throughout the world will have to invest more in research and development. It is a conclusion of an international congress organized in Monheim with participation of 150 scientists, breeders, businessmen and farmers. Dr. Rüdiger Scheitza, a member of directorship of the company Bayer CropScience pointed out that at present the productivity of wheat, which is besides rice the most important basic foods in the world, increases yearly by less than one percent while the global need grow twice stronger. The situation will worsen owing to climatic changes and decrease of reserves of minerals for fertilizer production.

Meat production decreased by 3.2 pct from January to September in south Moravia

Breeders in South-Moravian region produced 31.2 thousand tonnes of meat over this year´s first three quarters which is year-on-yearly by 3.2 percent less. It results from data of the Czech Statistic Office (SCO). The share of meat production in the region in the all-republic whole is 12.4 percents. The South-Moravian region is in production amount on the third place in inter-regional comparison, behind Vysočina a Central Bohemia regions including Prague. On the south of Moravia, from January to September 316 425 pigs were slaughtered which corresponds with a year-on-year decrease by 2.9 percents. Breeders slaughtered 7 461 pieces of cattle. It is by two percents less than over the same period of the year 2010. A prevailing part of production in the given period was created by pig meat (92.5 percents); beef meat including veal shared in the whole by 7.5 percents.

CSO: Price of oranges decreased more significantly, price of tomatoes raised

Price of oranges significantly decreased in shops in the last four weeks. They were sold on shelves of shops for 29,76 crowns for kilogram, so they cheapened by 6.77 crowns, so almost by 19 percents. Vice versa, price of tomatoes and granulated sugar increased. Also prices of bananas and chickens were higher as results from data published by the Czech Statistic Office today. People paid for tomatoes at average by 2.34 crowns more, they cost 34.38 CZK/kg. The price of granulated sugar raised by 1.22 crowns for kilogram to 24.43 CZK/kg; so it increased by 5.26 percents. The CSO regularly compares prices among regions. For example oranges were the most expensive in the South-Moravian region where they were sold at average for 33.47 crowns for kilogram.

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