Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 21.11.2011

Interest of people in Pilsen region in milk from automatic machines increases: there are 15

Interest of people in milk from automatic machines grows in the region Pilsen even if the nation-wide demand slightly decreases. A number of milk automatic machines increased year-on-yearly; there are already 15 throughout the region. None wants to end; all are acceptably satisfied and stay within, Daniela Machatá, a hygienist of the Regional Veterinary Station in Pilsen (KVS), which registers the machines, said to ČTK. Also the first Milk Day at all supported by the Ministry of Agriculture should help to sale from automatic machines. “It will be in Pilsen on the 24th of November from 12:00 to 17:00. There will be tastings and demonstrations what can be produced from milk, and children competition”, Ivo Šašek from MAS told.

Meat production in region Zlín decreased by 1.3 percents from September

Meat production in year-on-year comparison decreased from January to September in Zlín region. Breeders in the region in this period produced 8 677 tonnes of meat without poultry which is against the same period last year by 1.3 percents less. The decrease was caused by a fall of pig meat production. It results from data published by the Czech Statistic Office (ČSO). The meat production decreased in the first three quarters in the whole country by 2.7 percents to 251 014 tonnes. It fell the most significantly in slaughter weight in South- Bohemia - by 5900 tonnes of meat. The most significant increase in meat production is announced by statisticians in Vysočina - by 3100 tonnes and also in the regions Olomouc and Pardubice.

TN: Lesy ČR resited successfully threatening wood-engraver calamity

The state enterprise Lesy České Republiky (LČR) decreased significantly volume of wood attacked by wood engraver this year. LČR has processed only 183 thousands of cubic meters of attacked wood to end of October which is 73.5 % of the same period in 2010 and only 28 % of 2009. “It unambiguously confirms a trend set in 2009. A significant evaluation of our effort focused on forest protection happened. Thanks to introduced protective measures against wood engraver we succeeded to sell a considerably higher share of wood not-attacked by the pest for very good prices. If we did not carry out these measures, it could mean lower incomes of the state enterprise by as much as half a milliard crowns”, a general director of Lesy ČR Svatopluk Sýkora explains.

Dangerous proposal of EU to avoid ban of hen breeding in non-enriched cages and ban of egg sale from these cages

The ban of hen breeding - laying hens in bare non-enriched cages will come in force from the 1st January 2012. Many EU countries (Poland, Spain, Greece, Italy, Belgium) will not keep the ban or they even ignore it. (The ban is set by an instruction from 1999 and the countries knew many years in advance about its preparation, moreover, they had 12 years of legal term for change of systems.) A commissioner presented the proposal at a meeting of the Agricultural Committee of the European Parliament. Eggs should not be sold as whole but they could be used in completed food, e.g. cookies, pastry and bread, dumplings...


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