Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 30.11.2011

Vacination against bluetongue is possible only till 31st January, 2012

The State Veterinary Administration (SVS) cancels extraordinary veterinary measures marked as regulations of the State Veterinary Administration, file number SVS/2267/2011 from the 28th April 2011for that reason that the CR has been restored to health from sheep catarrhal fever and a closed zone is cancelled on the whole territory of the CR. It means that the regulation on Extraordinary veterinary measures issued by SVS on the 28th November, 2011 comes in force on the 29th November, 2011 by posting on the public board of Ministry of Agriculture. The regulation was also published in Czech broadcasting (Český rozhlas) and on its web sites, and also on web sites of the State Veterinary Administration,, of course.

Agrarian trade deficit has increased to 27 mld. CZK over nine months

Agrarian foreign trade deficit has increased year-on-yearly by 1.5 milliard to 26.7 milliard CZK over three quarters. It results from statistics of the Czech Statistic Office (CSO) which the Agricultural Union of the CR gave to ČTK. The Union estimates that the trade with agricultural products, foods, beverages and tobacco products will end with a deficit about 34 milliard CZK over the whole this year which would be a result comparable with a record deficit of the year 2006. Over the first nine months of this year, the agrarian export has reached a value 86.8 milliard crowns; year-on-yearly by 9.5 milliard CZK higher. However, import has increased more significantly; it has increased by a tenth and its value has exceeded 113 milliard CZK.

SZPI checked quality of salamis Vysočina

The State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZIP) in the framework if targeted inspection action checked quality of long-keeping meat products marketed under the name salami “Vysočina”. The check concerned quality of salamis of different producers; samples were taken in seven premises of chains stores in South-Bohemian region. On the whole, 5 of 10 samples did not satisfy requirements set up by an appropriate regulation. Four samples of salami showed presence of crushed bone s which indicates use of by machine separated meat (separate). However, it is inadmissible for products sold as salami “Vysočina”.

Brokers from Cyrrus bought pasrt of Babiš´s firms

When the antimonopoly office approved Andrej Babiš and his Agrofert Holding to buy the biggest rival in the branch, Agropol of Jiří Matúš, Babiš, according to the office´s regulation, had to sell seven firms in five regions from a portfolio of both main transaction actors. Who bought the firms has not been known till this time. By means of Agro Teplice, their owner became perhaps surprisingly the company Cyrrus Agro, a daughter of a significant inland stockbroking and analytical firm which had not made a business till that time. The daily E15 found out it now. According to Andrej Babiš, Cyrrus Agro was the only real buyer which arose from a half-year sale process. An acquisition consultant addressed 16 strategic and 6 financial potential interested persons at that time.


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