Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 14.12.2011

Vegetable production increased by 60 pct this year, sale was problematic

According to estimations of the Czech and Moravian Vegetable Growers Union (CMVU) Czech professional vegetable growers harvested 294 186 tonnes of vegetable this year, year-on-yearly by 60 percent more. The vegetable growers enlarge areas under vegetable by more than tenth and also weather was favourable for them. Despite the fact they had troubles with sale of their production mainly owing to panic about spread of dangerous bacteria E. coli. ČTK gained the data from the Situation and forecast report on vegetable growing which the Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) published on its internet sites.

Juice producers have to be franker on packages, EP decided

Producers of fruit juices will have to be much franker in the future concerning information about composition stated on the packages The must not confuse consumers more and try to sell them for example beverage with added sugar as “fruit juice”. The stricter rules concerning the use of marking as 100 % juice or nectar were approved by the European Parliament today. The new regulation will force producers to be more communicative towards customers. A very popular practice when a producer for example mixes more expensive strawberry juice with cheaper apple one and the product bears the marking strawberry juice. Now it will have to admit without exception the product´s composition and to name the product strawberry-apple juice.

Meat production

The most significant increase in meat production was found out in Vysočina, by 3100 tonnes, and further in the region Olomouc and Pardubice. The meat production fell the most significantly in the South Bohemian region, by 5900 tonnes of meat which is against the same period last year by 1.3 percents less. The decrease was caused by decline in pig meat production. The region Zlín participated in the total meat production in the country with 3.5 percents. In interregional comparison the region with its production volume is on the eleventh place. The breeders slaughtered 62 157 pigs from January to September in this region which is the year-on-year decrease by 5.8 percents.

Holding Less fell in loss 68 millions

A forest-timber holding Less of an entrepreneur Jan Mičánek got in a loss 68.3 million crowns over three quarters this year. The net profit over the half a year still amounted to three millions. The holding associates almost ten firms including the top of the forestry market, Less&Forest, which is a winner of a small tender of Lesy ČR for this year. Less&Forest in a big tender for 2012 and others then submit offers for 75 percents of territorial units though it will not certainly subscribe contracts for all units according to earlier statements. According to the firm on one hand successful were businessmen whose results were the best in this quarter from the beginning of the year, and the company Less&Energy.


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