Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 15.12.2011

Some Czech farms will not perhaps fill norms for hen cages

Some Czech poultry breeders will have problems to fill norms concerning hen cages. According to the Minister of Agriculture Petr Bendl they could be sanctioned. The Czech Republic in the EU fights for so that long agreed norms were filled by all without exception. Farmers meeting the rules can be disadvantaged towards competition which has not invested in the cages yet. In this connection Prague is afraid of import of cheaper eggs from Poland which could have serious impacts on poultry breeders. Most farmers in the CR has already prepared for changes agreed already in 1999, which starts to come in force in January, and that means for them no small expenditures. For example there is a great amount of farms in Poland which have not done it yet and will have not probably done it by the required term,

Milk revolution under magnifier

The animal production sector experiences boom to which growing popularity of meat and milk products in the global South countries contributes to a great degree. The growing demand represents main starters of so called “animal production revolution which brings a fundamental opportunity for development of poor communities. It is often said about the milk sector, on which this article concentrates, that it is undermined by European export of dry milk. So, what is a situation in the background of just ongoing reform of the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP)?

Parliament approved SZIF budget and endowment programmes in agriculture

The parliament approved endowment programmes in agriculture and a budget of the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) for the next year today. The Fund should manage a sum 39.3 milliard crowns which is by more than four milliard crowns less than this year. Almost 197 million crowns should aim at the endowment programmes. In the case of endowment programmes the Agricultural Committee adopted an accompanying decree in which he recommended the Minister of Agriculture to increase volume of financial means for some programmes. Money determined for it should go from the Land Fund. The Parliament approved an appropriate change of law this year which will enable to increase the Ministry´s budget by 1.1 milliard crowns from the Land Fund´s budget.

For Norwegians treasure is not crude oil now but butter

Rich Norway suffers before Christmas unprecedented thing - a desperate shortage of butter. The state on butter market has even provoked the government to decrease of import taxes for butter from abroad. An agency AP informed on it today and added that among other also preparation of traditional Norwegian Christmas delicacies is endangered. Butter consumption still grows in this Scandinavian country this year. It is partially caused among other by a popularity of a special fat diet which is based on a low content of carbohydrates. In comparison with the last year´s November, demand for butter increased by more than 30 percents which is the reason of empty shelves in shops. Also it is caused by the rainy summer which reflected in bad milk yield.


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