Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 21.12.2011

Coffee shot up owing to reserves

Coffee of Arabica type traded in New York climbed to a week maximum yesterday. It is owing to expectation of production decline in Brazil and Columbia which are the most significant coffee growers at all in the world. In case of Brazilian crop a certain decrease in production in can be expected the next season regarding this year´s record harvest. Columbia than according to estimations will produce 8.5 million bags of coffee in the marketing year starting from the 1st October. The July estimation still counted on a value 10.5 million bags.

SZIF cancelled tender for support of mark KLASA owing to doubts

Owing to doubts, the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF) stopped a tender for communication support to the mark for quality Czech food products Klasa for years 2012 and 2013 with an assumed price 327 million crowns. The reason were objections from the side of one applicants obliged by the fund. “Within a check we found out that a legal period for execution of possible questions of particular participants was not kept. It is rather a formal affair, however, we cancelled it for certainty”, a spokesman of the SZIF Petr Hlavatý said to the daily E15. A new selective proceeding will be announced during January, he added.

Czech farmers will obtain almost 20 billion crowns direct payments till end of 2011 within

The Minister of Agriculture Petr Bendl informed about a state of payment of direct payments among which there are ranked also SAPS (unified area payment), LFA (less favoured areas), Top-Up (national supplementary payments), SSP (separated payment for sugar). Applicant will get approximately 20 billion crowns till the end of this year. Farmers can ask for this payment annually till the deadline 15th May in form of unified application in the State Agricultural Intervention Fund (SZIF). Generally, 26 373 decrees for the main payment of direct payments, which SAPS is, have been delivered to today´s date. SZIF supposes that the total sum paid for SAPS till this year´s end will roughly amount to 16 billion crowns.

Wage tariffs in agriculture will increase by 2.2 pct next year

Wage tariffs in agriculture will increase at average by 2.2 percents next year, in profession of workmen by three percents. It results from a collective agreement of higher degree which was signed by representatives of agricultural trade unions with unions of agrarian entrepreneurs today. Both sides confirmed it to ČTK. Besides the growth of tariffs also some employees´ benefits will be adjusted. “A sum which Czech agricultural entrepreneurs will contribute to employees, who had closed pension supplementary insurance, increased by one hundred crowns to 350 crowns in total”, a chief of agricultural trade unions Bohumír Dufek said to ČTK.


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