Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 22.12.2011

Amount of hop harvested this year is smaller but of better quality

6087 tonnes of hop have been harvested in the Czech Republic this year. It is by 1684 tonnes less than the last year. It is expected that the whole crop will be processed. Final data to the harvest were provided by the Central Institute for Supervising and Testing in Agriculture. The Hop Growers Union of the CR announced it to ČTK today. An average yield amounted to 1.31 tonnes from hectare; last year it was 1.49 tonnes from hectare. The biggest amount of hop was harvested by growers in Žatec hop area - 4556 tonnes of hop. According to a secretary of the Hop Growers Union of the CR Michal Kovařík, the last year and this year are regarding hop yield specifically different years.

Pig breeders got extraordinary subsidy 380 million crowns

The Ministry of Agriculture heard a long calling of pig breeders and pig meat producers who are losing competitiveness. The state will extraordinarily support pig breeding and processing of pig meat with a sum 380 million crowns. The money was sent to breeders´ accounts several years ago. Of the total sum, they will support to Czech pig breeding with 325 million crowns. Roughly 53 million CZK will go to help Czech poultry breeders.

Breweries Staropramen raised beer prices at average by 3 pct

Breweries Staropramen raised price of barrel and tank beer at average by three percents since half of December. As an answer to a ČTK question it was stated by a spokesman of Czech brewery couple Pavel Barvík today who substantiated the rise in prices by a growth of production input prices. A half a litre of the most sold kinds of beer from the company´s offer raised in price by 0.20 to 0.50 CZK. For the present, prices of packaged beers stay the same. Also Heineken plans changes in prices.

Strategy for reduction of fusariosis in cereals

Fusarioses in cereals are still one of the most significant diseases which affect cereals, especially in the East part of areas of Canadian prairies. Loses in Canadian branch of cereals amounted to 200 million dollars for the province Ontario and Quebec, and 3000 million dollars for the province Manitoba during the 1990´s. The disease reduce yields and grain quality and a potential contamination of grain with mycotoxins, above all by deoxynivalenol (DON) is a permanent threat for domestic and export markets.


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