Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 29. 11. 2017

Agrofert manages 1700 hectares, which doesn´t own, without authorization

A holding Agrofert manages 1700 hectares of land, which it doesn´t own, without authorization. Český rozhlas – Radiožurnál stated it. Moreover, it takes subsidies on most the land. A spokesman of Agrofert Jan Pavlů didn´t deny this situation, however, in his opinion, the holding strives to settle the situation. According to lawyers addressed by the radio, the holding obviously committed a criminal offence.

Beware of Bačova slanina with listeria, it can invoke meningitis

230 kilogrammes of bacon from Slovakia containing bacteria Listeria got in the Czech Republic. The State Veterinary Administration (SVA) informed on it. Bacteria can cause a disease listeriosis which has obviously a form of light flu. However, in more serious cases they can invoke meningitis.

Scientists developed “see rice” which prosper in salt water

Yuan Longping from Qingdao Saline-Alkali Tolerant Rice Research and Development Center bred a super-resistant “see rice” which can be grown in salt water.

European subsidies are paid off for management of agricultural land, parcels with unambiguous owner are problem of legislative

Subsidies per area are paid off to farmers for an activity on agricultural land according to registration LPIS. Not owners are written in particular parcels here, but farmers, who farm of the land. So payment of subsidies themselves doesn´t solve a legal relationship of an applicant to the land, which concerns also parcels with so called unambiguous owner.


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