Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 30. 11. 2017

Minister of Agriculture Jurečka: racing sport in Chuchle will be maintained, state will not sell off parcels

The Minister of Agriculture Marian Jurečka decided that parcels of Dostihové závodiště Praha, the state enterprise in liquidation, will not be sold and the state will keep them. Considering the extent of premises, the Ministry of Agriculture in a position of founder decided for a solution which will enable to maintain to hold horse races.

TZ: Ministry of Agriculture wants to reduce using of glyphosate in CR; it consider ban of unprofessional use and pre-harvest application

A five-year prolongation of glyphosate licence was voted by representative of EU member states in the Committee of Appeal of the European Commission on Monday. The Ministry of Agriculture (MoA) prepares proposals for reduction of use of this active substance. At present, it analyses possibilities which can utilize within European rules.

Fish were harmed by predators and lack of water this year. However, there will be enough carps on Christmas

The biggest consumption of fish in the Czech Republic is in the Christmas time. Hauls of ponds, which crown all-year and even several-year work of fishermen, finish in November. Fishermen have to wrestle with a lack of water, drought, and even predators.

Marketers start to sell trees, they should cost same as last year

Christmas trees started to be sold in front of chain stores. According to expression of marketers, they should mostly cost the same as the last year, so from 300 to 900 CZK. Some premium pieces will be even for 1400 CZK. Customers can also pay extra for trees over two meters.


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