Summary of newspapers of the previous days – 1. 12. – 3. 12. 2017

Economists suppose that foods will be cheaper after Christmas

An inflation in the Czech Republic is now the highest since 2012 and its draught is foods. For example a price of butter raised by more than fifty per cents in year on year comparison in October. However, economists believe that growth of consumer process has reached its top and they will slowly decrease in other months.

Food Inspection found out presence of pesticide in apples from Poland

In an accredited laboratory of the State Agricultural and Food Inspection (SZPI) it was found out that there are contaminated apples on the Czech market. They contain unallowed amount of pesticide chlorpyrifos. It was dealt with apples of variety Prince of Polish origin which were distributed in the CR in amount of 1 560 kg.

Meat rules to Czech plate. We eat up by half more of it against socialism

A diet of Czech has considerably changed in 66 years. Everyone eats up by thirty kilogrammes of meat more than at the beginning of the socialistic period. Democrary brought boom of poultry meat, people consume eleven times more of it. However, not only amount of meat on a plate has changed. We also eat less cereal, but more fruits, vegetable and mainly fats.

State forester evaluate economic and ecological value of every tree on four testing areas

Czech forester from the enterprise Lesy ČR teach their colleagues to evaluate trees in economic forests from economic and ecological point of view. For the present on four one-hectare areas. This method called Marteloscop started to be gradually applied also in common economic state forests. The practice is appreciated also by Czech ecologists.





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