Summary of newspapers of the previous day - 4. 12. 2017

Price of sweets made to order increased due to butter, interest was not affected

Christmas sweets raised in price dues to higher price of butter. According to South-Moravian confectioners, the price has increased by ten to thirty per cents. However, it didn´t much show in interest in sweets made to order. Some confectioners don´t already receive any new orders. There is also interest in more healthy alternatives to the classical Christmas sweets.

Obama is sorry that USA withdrew from Paris Climate Agreement

A former American president Barack Obama is sorry that the USA withdrew the leading position in the worldwide fight against warming at present. Obama said it on Friday press conference in Delhi that it is dealt with a short break in a cue to presidency of republican Donald Trump who withdrew from Paris Climate Agreement this year.

Glyphosate on Czech fields? It is like warfare agent; it cases even worse things than cancer, Drašar says

The EU prolonged very likely a licence for use of herbicide on base of agricultural lobby, Pavel Drašar, a chemist from the University of Chemistry and Technology Prague, thinks. According to him, glyphosate simplifies farmer production and increases yields. Moreover, there is not any so effective alternative.

Brewery Regent increased profit by 71 per cents to 6.2 million CZK

Brewery Regent in Třeboň increased year-on-yearly profit before taxation by 71 per cents to 6.28 million crowns last year. Revenues from sale of products and services increased by seven per cents to 96.3 million CZK. It results from an annual report in the Collection of papers. The brewery belongs to a joint stock company Bohemia Regent which is a part of a group Stasek.



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