Summary of newspapers of the previous day – 6.12.2017

Dog veterans from Afghanistan, which should have been put down, waited to see rescue

A petition for rescue of British military dogs Kevin, Dazz, and Driver works. A new British Minister of Defence Gavin Williamson announced on Monday that the veterans will not be put down. The Ministry of Defence would like to cooperate with dog shelters now and to find an environment for the animal heroes in which they can to spend happily the rest of their live

Czech wolves are endangered by crossing with dogs, scientists found out that crossbreed has already arisen in Rumburk region

Wolf´s population can be endangered by freely living dogs. Scientists from the Czech University of Life Sciences investigated hundreds of samples of excrements and confirmed that a crossbreed has already arisen in the Czech territory. The animal comes from Rumburk region.

Ministers of Environment from whole world met in Nairobi. They worry about pollution of our planet

The United Nations Environment Assembly (UNEA) takes place in Kenya from the 4th to the 6th December 2017. Ministers of Environment meet here to came to an agreement about how to fight the best efficiently with the world pollution.

An intervention is being prepared which could safe Northern white rhinoceros against extinction. There are last three in world

Scientists in Kenya and Europe started a preparation for artificial fertilization which could help to safe Northern white rhinoceros against extinction. There are only three last individuals of this species in the world and if the effort to bring a young into the world is not successful, they will die out.








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